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a metal cap or band placed on a wooden pole to prevent splitting


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As explained last month, tubing that has been selected correctly, combined with correct assembly of twin ferrule compression fittings, will provide a reliable seal on a range of applications.
The tuft is synthetic, the ferrule is aluminum and the handle is wood.
Each Hartcraft broadhead is built with the company's patented Scooptail X-Change ferrule that results in a high degree of accuracy and penetration.
An accurate M1 will exhibit tension between the stock ferrule and lower band.
Comprised of the proven US Conec MT Elite[R] ferrule technology, the MTP-16(TM) connector hardware is ideal for structured cabling applications supporting parallel or duplex links that require low insertion loss," stated Ms.
As mainstream and convenient as multi-piece fly rods are, there is a shortcoming: ferrule slippage.
contact connector but is based upon an expanded beam lensed ferrule, which helps improve dust and dirt immunity.
They are available with a PEEK or stainless nut; the PEEK nut is supplied with a glass-filled PEEK ferrule, while the stainless nut uses a 316 SS ferrule.
The fittings kit is designed with three separate parts--a black carbon-PEEK ferrule, a stainless steel triangular ferrule and a stainless steel nut.
by standardizing the information that may appear on the top (circle) surface of the ferrule and/or cap overseal of a vial containing an injectable product,"1 the USP has revised General Chapter <1> Injections, Section on Labeling on Ferrules and Cap Overseals (USP 34-NF 29 November 1, 2010).
The company has also evolved its range of ferrules to include a specifically designed ferrule for welding on to tanks and vessels.
Tokyo, Mar 12, 2012 - (JCN) - Fujikura Ltd has launched its One-Click Cleaner DL-C, a cleaner used for the ferrule endface of optical connectors, specifically the input/output port (Duplex LC connector) of SFF/SFP optical transceivers, which are used at Data Center or FTTx networks.
The product features MWV's NoC dip tube and a threaded ferrule created specifically for the Melodic pump.
The fitting insert and ferrule are positively locked together during radial-compression crimping.