ferric oxide

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a red oxide of iron

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In contrast, the majority of the isolates were killed by factors present in Lactobacillus probiotic supernates or by nanoparticles of either silver oxide, zinc oxide or ferric oxide, indicating two potential approaches for probiotic interventions or topical therapies to control drug-resistant P.
Bandara, "Nitrogen photoreduction by vanadium(III)-substituted hydrous ferric oxide," Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, vol.
Surface of steel rebar in SAMPLE 1 contained large amount of hydrated ferric oxide. It is evident that enhanced corrosion of the steel rebar occurred due to the continuous contact of the contaminated concrete pore solution.
Yamauchi et al., "Hypophosphatemia induced by intravenous administration of saccharated ferric oxide. Another form of FGF23-related hypophosphatemia," Bone, vol.
Hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) used in this study was synthesized according to the procedure described by Schwertmann and Cornell [22].
(19,20) In the case of ferric oxide layers, an aqueous solution of Fe[Cl.sub.3] is added continuously to a mica suspension.
Two papers from the Jiangxi University of Technology describe the preparation of ferric oxide powders by hydrolysis and rare earth fluoride crystals by hydrothermal synthesis.
Bismuth ferric oxide (BFO) is one of the new classes of materials known as magneto-electric materials, which exhibit co-existence of interrelated electric and magnetic dipole structures within a certain range of temperatures.
The chemical ferric oxide is known as what, when used as a pigment and metal polish?
Chemical composition of oil Composition Content, wt.% Kerogen 22.16 Silicon dioxide 48.14 Aluminum oxide 15.02 Ferric oxide 6.09 Potassium oxide 0.936 Magnesium oxide 0.809 Titanium oxide 0.714 Sodium oxide 0.694 Calcium oxide 0.577
In Surface Complexation Modeling: Hydrous Ferric Oxide (1990), a surface-complexation model with a simple solid-water interface was developed in order to interpret available data for inorganic ion sorption on hydrous ferric oxide.
Old tapes recorded their information on ferric oxide. "That's a fancy name for rust," says Brothers, "so water has no effect on the recorded signal." New tapes use metal compounds that aren't as robust.
Silicon dioxide (SiO2) contents in the silica sand were 99.45% while Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) contents were 0.035%.