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Synonyms for ferociously

in a physically fierce manner


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Behind her came Taug, warily and with many pauses and much bluster, and still behind him came other bulls, snarling ferociously and uttering their uncanny challenges.
Challenger snorted ferociously as he looked at it, and his thick black hair seemed to bristle up in his wrath.
It freezes the water to prevent it running to the sea; it drives the sap out of the trees till they are frozen to their mighty hearts; and most ferociously and terribly of all does the Wild harry and crush into submission man--man who is the most restless of life, ever in revolt against the dictum that all movement must in the end come to the cessation of movement.
Old Sharon laughed more ferociously than ever, and hobbled round the table in a great hurry to the place at which Moody was sitting.
He clawed ferociously all these things in turn, lost them, found them again, lost them once more, and finally was himself caught in the firm clasp of a pair of stout arms.
'Will you go to the devil!' he exclaimed, ferociously, 'and let me be!'
When he came back she kissed his nose, and ran a race with him until she too was panting, and had to stand still to recover her breath, whilst he bounded about, barking ferociously. She had not for many years enjoyed such a frolic, and the thought of this presently brought tears to her eyes.
I was fagged out, and for the first time in years felt a question as to my ability to cope with an antagonist; but there was naught else for it than to engage my man, and that as quickly and ferociously as lay in me, for my only salvation was to rush him off his feet by the impetuosity of my attack--I could not hope to win a long-drawn-out battle.
I have been ferociously critical of the company, its practices and its ethics, and my overwhelming preference would be for British Steel to be sold as a whole to another steelmaker - not a private equity firm.
From Wapda Amil would gain a point while Haider and Fakhar would respond ferociously. Wapda made a couple of mistakes to lose the first game.
The singer is known to be ferociously private, rarely giving interviews so this documentary might just be the closest peek we will have so far into the mind of Mrs.
How inhumane can you be to punish a child so ferociously? Does anyone in the fraternity care about these innocent children or do they just sweep it under the rug?
"We know corruption fights back ferociously, but the courts should not give any leeway," Wandayi said.
Summary: Defendant resisted arrest ferociously, beat policeman who stopped him for distributing massage cards
In a move that will raise a few eyebrows with the region's ferociously passionate football fans Mr Simon said it was unfortunate there is not a "West Midlands Rovers" with children in China wearing its shirts.