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Synonyms for ferocious

Synonyms for ferocious

showing or suggesting a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple or restraint

so intense as to cause extreme suffering

Synonyms for ferocious

marked by extreme and violent energy

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We can only imagine, therefore, that the balance of Nature is preserved by some check which limits the numbers of these ferocious creatures.
The eyes, which were under thick and heavy brows, were bestial and ferocious, and as it opened its mouth to snarl what sounded like a curse at me I observed that it had curved, sharp canine teeth.
The trapper found him distributing knives to the ferocious hags, who received the presents chanting a low monotonous song, that recalled the losses of their people, in various conflicts with the whites, and which extolled the pleasures and glory of revenge.
Suddenly, one of the oldest, and the most ferocious of them all, broke out of the ring, and skirred away in the direction of her victims, like a rapacious bird, that having wheeled on poised wings, for the time necessary to ensure its object, makes the final dart upon its prey.
FEROCIOUS Dog, hailed as the new noise on the block, play at the Tivoli, Buckley on Thursday, March 1, as part of its Enemy Within Tour.
Speaking about Babu's look, Manchu said:"It's very ferocious.
Recording a narrative verdict, assistant coroner Robert Chapman said: "This was a quite ferocious attack.
Khartoum, 14 Nov (SUNA)- The Sudan has condemned the ferocious bombing that hit many areas inside the French capital Paris on Friday resulting in the death of many people, reaffirming its full solidarity with France and with the international community in supporting efforts exerted to combat violence and fundamentalism.
With limited supplies, they must make a gruelling journey across the icy wilderness to civilisation, but their situation is made more perilous when a pack of ferocious wolves begins stalking them.
Certain people should not be allowed to own such ferocious breeds.
Ferocious Falcon 4 "comes in difficult circumstances witnessed by the region, with threats taking dangerous dimensions, which requires us to stand in one line to face such threats," Al-Kheder noted.
Summary: A brave Chihuahua is now a local hero after saving a girl from a ferocious Pit Bull attack in British Colombia, Canada.
Summary: Berlin: Eighty-six camels perished as a ferocious fire swept through their farm in southern Germany .
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Defence Syed Naveed Qamar has said that participation in Ferocious Falcon, a Multinational Crisis Management Exercise is not only a significant leap for Pakistan but speaks volume of the all expanding Defence Industry.
Exhausted residents of Dubai's Tamweel Tower stood amid the devastation that was once their home and wept as they relived fleeing from a ferocious blaze in the early hours of Sunday.