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Synonyms for ferocious

Synonyms for ferocious

showing or suggesting a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple or restraint

so intense as to cause extreme suffering

Synonyms for ferocious

marked by extreme and violent energy

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We can only imagine, therefore, that the balance of Nature is preserved by some check which limits the numbers of these ferocious creatures.
The eyes, which were under thick and heavy brows, were bestial and ferocious, and as it opened its mouth to snarl what sounded like a curse at me I observed that it had curved, sharp canine teeth.
The trapper found him distributing knives to the ferocious hags, who received the presents chanting a low monotonous song, that recalled the losses of their people, in various conflicts with the whites, and which extolled the pleasures and glory of revenge.
Suddenly, one of the oldest, and the most ferocious of them all, broke out of the ring, and skirred away in the direction of her victims, like a rapacious bird, that having wheeled on poised wings, for the time necessary to ensure its object, makes the final dart upon its prey.
NORTH Notts band Ferocious Dog are crossing the border and playing The Venue in Derby this month as part of their "More Fake News Tour, 2019".
Help is needed to track the progress of a group of ferocious predators whose presence can be devastating to other animals in Aberdeenshire.
But after he was convicted of murder, Judge Wendy Joseph told the Old Bailey Sylva had a "dreadful" temper which had fuelled the "sustained and ferocious" attack.
The jury has heard how Garner killed his partner with a hammer in a "ferocious attack" before ringing 999 and telling the operator he had murdered his Missus.
According to the TDP, Yadav, who is contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Nellore City, had made a "ferocious speech" on April 1 and later got it posted on various social media platforms.
Police say the victim is lucky to be alive after the 'ferocious attack'.
Last October, an EU report said that the human rights situation in the Philippines worsened in the second half of 2016 under Duterte's administration due to the government's ferocious drug war.
IANS Actor-producer Vishnu Manchu says his father and actor Mohan Babu looked"ferocious" in his villainous avatar in the upcoming Telugu film Gayatri.
A KILLER was jailed for life yesterday for the "ferocious and merciless" murder of a neighbour he claimed was trying to take his daughter's tablet computer.
Not Uncle Brian from Doncaster, but an altogether less mild-mannered prospect - a full-throttle, ferocious storm.
Ferocious holds genuine appeal for readers who want to feel transported to Seoul.