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Synonyms for ferny

abounding in or covered with ferns


resembling ferns especially in leaf shape


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It's a summer showstopper with an orange button at its heart, daisy petals in either white, pink or yellow and lush ferny foliage below.
It's the combination of the ferny foliage and pretty blue flowers - Miss Jekyll being one of the best known strains.
Chamaemetum no bile 'Treneague', which is grown more for foliage than for flowers, forms a low, evergreen mass of ferny leaves with a pleasant scent.
The rich green ferny leaves of the chaerophyllum hide a multitude of sins before and after the allium's climax.
The plants are dainty, no more than about 8 inches high, with leaves that have a ferny texture and bright green color.
Victory for Barnsford Ferny capped a perfect day for owner Charlie Boden, Stockport, who dominated the Charolais classes and stood reserve overall with his sheep entries in the Texel section.
After all, these nine green specks of islands have all the makings of a setting for an epic Tolkien novel - mist-wreathed volcanoes, jewel-coloured crater lakes and ferny forests suspended against the crashing backdrop of the Atlantic.
There is dicentra 'Spring Morning', with ferny foliage and delightful pendulous flowers, which I wanted as much for sentimental value as anything else.
Phil Bosua of Ferny Creek in Melbourne, is the creator of LIFX, a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-colour, energy efficient LED light-bulb that you can control with your iPhone or Android smartphone.
At the Old Horns, I remember Ferny the gaffer - what a pint he kept
The foliage is also pretty and lasts long after the flowers have faded, producing a ferny froth under trees or around shrubs.
Winter and dark would diminish those ferny faces, then to swap blanket
Free informative and instructional talks run throughout the weekend, and a free information desk run by the Ferny Creek Horticultural Society will answer all your gardening questions.
It grows easily from seed, and its seedlings, with dark green, ferny foliage, are excellent subjects for patio containers.