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A Scottish welcome for the Fern family of Glasgow as they call at one of the homes at Cotswold Cres-|cent during their first day in Billingham in June, 1930 and, below, how some of the families looked on their arrival in Billingham from Glasgow
The strongest relationships found are with fern family richness (with AET, [R.
1% of the variation in fern family richness (Table 2; Fig.
A map of the residuals of the regression of fern family richness as a function of MAT, RAN, and Bio15 (precipitation seasonality) illustrates regions where this regression model over-predicts and under-predicts family richness (Fig.
Much of our discussion on richness-climate models herein will concern explanatory models applied to fern family richness.
Instead, a simple two-variable linear model, including MAT and RAN, explains more variation in fern family richness (Table 2, Fig.
Fern family richness patterns resemble the patterns seen in other groups more than fern species richness.
Surprisingly, fern family richness, followed by genus and then species richness, is most closely related to climate variables.
In contrast, the fern family richness pattern may be better understood because family distributions are relatively rapidly determined in the process of botanical exploration and can thus be used as a surrogate of species richness (Balmford et al.
Phylogenetics and classification of the pantropical fern family Lindsaeaceae.
The tree fern family Cyatheaceae consists of about 700 species worldwide with diversity centers in tropical wet mountain regions (Tryon and Gastony, 1975; Conant et al.
A revision of the fern family Cyatheaceae in the Masacarene Island.
As far as I know, there are no members of the tree fern family, Cyatheaceae, naturalized in the continental USA.