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a musical notation (over a note or chord or rest) that indicates it is to be prolonged by an unspecified amount

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(music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest

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Two of the founding members of Fermata, Derek Eiler and Chris Prindiville, will be joining Fanatics College.
* Slur, staccato, fermata and legato can all be introduced aurally and then reinforced visually with flashcards.
While he doesn't try to portray himself as the bumbling hornist--he plays the insider, aware of Mozart's jokes, his eingang (minicadenza at the first fermata) is fantastic--a bit of it is in three-part harmony with the orchestral horns!
To me, a lot of the contrast between these approaches is shown at the end of a musical phrase: where Sharp would use a fermata, or nothing at all, assuming his musically literate readers would understand what was required (if only to draw breath), Grainger would attempt to measure that pause and then try and shoehorn the effect into conventional staff notation.
Fermata Partners, Scott Bouyack, Co-founder & Partner, 404-966-1965, sb@fermatapartners.com, P.
L'articolo, attraverso una documentazione inedita e rara, offre elementi per una piu meditata lettura del Cristo si e fermata a Eboli; e, piu in generale, del rapporto di Levi con la Lucania.
There'll also be END 94 California Common 5.1%, Golden Plover 4.0%, Wolf 5.5%, END 41 Fermata 3.1% and Curlews Return 4.2% together with keg Adder Lager 5.0.
Yet, the deft management of shading, rhyth m ic placement, and duration of an initial consonant (as long as the ensuing vowel starts on time) can highlight a word more meaningfully than any fermata (always placed over a vowel!) could ever hope to do.
In the final act of "Comedy," where the characters express their mounting frustration surrounding several mistaken identities, a sudden dramatic silence after a miraculously choreographed cyclone of screeching altercations was in itself a kind of symphonic fermata (a held moment of unspecified length) that had the audience doubled over in laughter.
(49) In this source--a photographic reproduction of the amended "Wallfahrt" passage suggested by Strauss is found in the Sotheby catalogue--the composer separated individual melodic phrases of the "Wallfahrt," in the manner of a Bach chorale, by fermatas. (50) Each fermata then gives rise to what Strauss calls "Passagen," that is, solo passagework for piano left-hand to be supplied by Wittgenstein.
Fermata He rode the waves, Jungli- man with bits of silver on his eyes Head poked with horns, His arms were cut.
But now, instead of flipping open his laptop in the middle of the night to write, impatiently waiting out the reverberating, synthetic fermata as the machine loaded, he researched public schools.
Ted Lee Eubanks is the founder and CEO of Fermata Inc., an Austin,