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a dark mineral consisting of oxides of yttrium and erbium and tantalum and other minerals

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The first step is heating the sample to 200oC with sulphuric acid ("Acid Bake") which breaks down most of the LREE minerals and fergusonite. Through this stage of the process, the LREE and about half the HREE can be brought into solution.
The Cooglegong area, possibly the Trigg Hill pegmatites, is the type locality for formanite and tanteuxenite and is also known for its yttrotantalite, fergusonite and gadolinite.
It is important to realize that the tantalum, niobium and zirconium production does not involve significant extra costs as they occur in the same mineral phases that contain the heavy rare earths (zircon and fergusonite).
(3) Writing in March, (4) he announced: "I have visited not only all the celebrated mineral localities, but some never before prospected; and have collected many hundred pounds of fine and rare specimens." Among his discoveries (5) were gadolinite and fergusonite from Barringer Hill, Llano County, Texas; quartz crystal groups, variscite, wavellite, perovskite and rutile from Arkansas; and sphalerite, galena, marcasite, dolomite and calcite crystals from Missouri.
pollucite, tourmaline Gaiyang Fujian sapphire, pyrope Ganzhou Dayu Jiangxi barite, bismuth, cassiterite, fluorite, scheelite, sphalerite, wolframite Gaofeng Anhui epidote, garnet Gaoligongshan Yunnan topaz, tourmaline Gaoshitai Hebei *gaotaiite Gaowang Guangdong fergusonite, samarskite Gejiu Yunnan barite, bornite, cassiterite, hemimorphite Gongchangling Liaoning magnetite Gongga Sichuan barite Gongxian Henan bauxite (diaspore, boehmite) Guangshanzai Hubei turquoise Guichi Anhui azurite, malachite Guilin Guangxi Zhuang calcite A.R.
See La Bomba Kami Apatite, arsenopyrite, cassiterite, ferbertite, jarosite, jeromite, lazulite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, quartz twins, scorodite, siderite, tourmaline, wolframite Kari-Kari Almandine, epidote, hopeite; see Andacaba Kentiyok Galena Kesniri Barite, galena, pyromorphite La Bella Beryl, columbite, fergusonite, fluorite, monazite, topaz La Bomba Fluorite, scheelite La Colorada Bournonite, cassiterite, franckeite La Escosasa Galena La Gaiba See Anahi, Ayoreita La Joya Gold, muscovite La Paz La Ponderosa Chalcedony, copper La Reforma Bsimuth, bismuthinite La Salvadora 1 La Salvadora is the name of the (see Socavon) cooperative operating the Socavon.
Fergusonite has been reported from the cluster of pegmatites that includes the Mugeba, Bere, Enluma, Maria, Macotaia and Namagoa bodies (DSGM, 1974).