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the arrangement of windows in a building

surgical procedure that creates a new fenestra to the cochlea in order to restore hearing lost because of osteosclerosis

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This turned out to be the first example of the Seattle Energy Code leading to the evolution of fenestration products.
YKK AP America offers a wide variety of commercial and residential fenestration products to the building industry, including entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, window walls, sun control systems, windows and sliding doors.
Guest speakers representing a number of leading architectural and engineering firms will address a range of topics, including the changing role of the building envelope, dynamic fenestration and ventilation, types of active facades, developments and innovations in materials and design tools, and monitoring and control systems.
Echocardiography demonstrated a patent fenestration with right to left flow and satisfactory ventricular function.
Another small fenestration was found about 1 cm cranially (figure 2).
The Artisan fitters, qualified tradesmen with experience joinery and plastering, have all passed their NVQ level 2 in fenestration installation.
May trusted Fenestration Developments to add the extra space to her one-bed cottage and paid by cheque in instalments as the job progressed.
One such client, Redditch-based fenestration company, Plastex, can expect to see savings of over pounds 500,000 over ten years thanks to consulting Viretec about a new Survey Data Capture system.
Worldwide, residential buildings will continue to account for roughly two-thirds and nonresidential buildings for one-third of total demand for fenestration products.
The rippling texture of the brown walls and graphic patterns of fenestration soften the stark lines of the block.
Methods: Since 1995, 27 patients underwent cyst fenestration at our institution.
The five acquired titles include: Top Crop Manager with a Western edition produced seven times a year for 29,000 ag producers in four Western Canadian provinces, and an eastern edition published quarterly for 23,000 ag producers in Ontario; Canadian Rental Service, produced nine times a year for 3500 professionals in the Canadian rental industry; Glass Canada, a bimonthly produced for 6500 professionals in the glass, fenestration, metal and autoglass industries; Ground Water Canada, a quarterly title for 3300 professionals in the ground water industry; and, Drainage Contractor, a quarterly title produced for 8000 farm drainage and land improvement contractors and professionals.
The exposed carpentry and rough framing of the outside walls of the rooms contrasted sharply with the meticulous re-creations of their interiors, with openings left in place of original fenestration and portals; reconstructed, if generic, moldings; and reinstalled art and furnishings.
DENVER -- Laparoscopic fenestration effectively relieves the symptoms of polycystic liver disease, although roughly half of treated patients will require repeat cyst fenestration for recurrent symptoms within a couple of years, Dr.
New construction applications, which represented well over half of the fenestration product market total in 2004, will climb at about the same pace as repair and improvement-related demand.