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the arrangement of windows in a building

surgical procedure that creates a new fenestra to the cochlea in order to restore hearing lost because of osteosclerosis

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Along with focusing on quality, Artisan has steered itself away from the high-pressure discounting that has become all-too familiar in the fenestration industry.
This is our first case using this fenestration to treat a TAAD and preserve all supra-aortic branches.
KEYWORDS: Optic nerve sheath fenestration, Papilledema, Idiopathic Intracranial hypertension.
The present article reports a case series of 2 cases of apical fenestration in necrotic immature permanent teeth associated with apical periodontitis and mucosal breakdown where the soft and hard tissue defects were successfully treated by orthodontic correction of abnormal tooth root position that eventually led to closure of fenestration followed by regenerative endodontic management of immature root apex with apical periodontitis.
Thus, through this study, we aim to assess the extent of functional and neurological recovery and complications following fenestration discectomy in patients with lumbar intervertebral disc prolapse in the age group of 20-60 years.
Soft Tech's V6 software, the estimating and engineering software for the fenestration industry, was customized for Crystal and integrated with its partnering software ContractERP by Access IT, specifically designed for the fenestration industry.
Using this information, the software precisely determined the appropriate locations of fenestrations (or holes in the graft) to align with the branch arteries.
In contrast, the gingival fenestration is a rarer phenomenon.
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of massive ascites developing in a renal transplant patient after peritoneal fenestration surgery for a symptomatic lymphocele.
MT provides services to residential and commercial building projects including quality inspection of materials, geotechnical assessment of building vibration, and window and glazing fenestration testing.
com and all it's fitters, surveyors and service engineers have achieved their MTC cards with FENSA, by successfully completing NVQ Level 3 in fenestration and surveying.
While only speculation at this time, consideration could be given to more roof insulation to reduce cooling loads from the strong overhead sun, perhaps more shading of fenestration, and light-colored wall surfaces, for the building envelope for example.
The independent training deliverer is providing an apprenticeship in fenestration installation - the national standard for all window fitters.