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a small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)

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Comparison of small fenestra and total stapedectomy.
6-10), region of the supra-angular bone (the supraangulare), at the level of the caudal portion of the mandibular fenestra. The coronoid process is conspicuous in C.
The mesial edge curves strongly round the orbital fenestra and this is further reflected in the convex lateral edge.
In the ventral part, all organisms had an anteroventral fenestra, while the posteroventral fenestra had different development degrees: well developed in U.
The name fenestrata refers to the wide translucent area (from Latin fenestra = window) on the tegmina.
The Fenestra located in Rockville, Md., inspired its residents to conserve energy and offered prizes to those who performed best.
Mox et Pisanus praesul ex eadem, qua et Franciscus Pactius fenestra pendebat, supra ipsum exanimum corpus suspenditur.
Manual techniques such as PBF microscopy and automated complete blood analysis (FBC) provide clinicians a good fenestra to evaluate anaemia in affected persons and both complement each other.
1 bels rais, quan solelha, quando il sole per la fenestra veirina.
(1,7,8) The word fenestration is derived from the Latin word fenestra, meaning window, which describes how the defect clinically presents.