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Synonyms for fender

a barrier that surrounds the wheels of a vehicle to block splashing water or mud

an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track

a low metal guard to confine falling coals to a hearth

a cushion-like device that reduces shock due to an impact

References in classic literature ?
Wistful and wondering, she would sit in summer weather by the high fender in the lodge, looking up at the sky through the barred window, until, when she turned her eyes away, bars of light would arise between her and her friend, and she would see him through a grating, too.
At first, such a baby could do little more than sit with him, deserting her livelier place by the high fender, and quietly watching him.
Having issued this mandate with as much potentiality as if she had been a recognized authority in the house ever since it had been a house, and having looked out to confront the amazed Peggotty coming along the passage with a candle at the sound of a strange voice, Miss Betsey shut the door again, and sat down as before: with her feet on the fender, the skirt of her dress tucked up, and her hands folded on one knee.
Handel, my good fellow;" though he spoke in this light tone, he was very much in earnest: "I have been thinking since we have been talking with our feet on this fender, that Estella surely cannot be a condition of your inheritance, if she was never referred to by your guardian.
We know, also, that he ran across the lawn, entered the room, accompanied by a strange animal, and that he either struck the Colonel or, as is equally possible, that the Colonel fell down from sheer fright at the sight of him, and cut his head on the corner of the fender. Finally, we have the curious fact that the intruder carried away the key with him when he left."
"I did, sir, and at the sight of me he looked as I have never seen a man look before, and over he went with his head on the fender. But he was dead before he fell.
He had deputed me to screw in the ends of the clubs, and to replace the latter in the fender where we had found them.
Lord Ernest lifted the club an inch or two, and with it his eyebrows--and after it his stalwart frame as the club crashed back into the fender. And as he stood at his full height, a courteous but ironic smile under the cropped moustache, he looked what he was, criminal or not.
Julian laid one hand on his aunt's arm, and pointed with the other to Horace--standing with his back to them, warming his feet on the fender.
Oliver retained his stool by the fire; Barney wrapped in a blanket, stretched himself on the floor: close outside the fender.
It startled him at first, but thinking, on a moment's reflection, that it must be some young fellow in the next chamber, who had been dining out, he put his feet on the fender, and raised the poker to stir the fire.
As you pass alongside each hopeless prisoner chained to the quay, the slight grinding noise of the wooden fenders makes a sound of angry muttering.
LIAM Gallagher has confirmed a special intimate homecoming show for September, with support from Sam Fender. The Radio X Presents gig will take place on Liam's birthday - Saturday, September 21 - at Manchester's O2 Ritz.
The Fender Rhodes electric piano owned by former 10cc member Eric Stewart was used on many of the band's biggest hits, including Dreadlock Holiday, Life Is A Minestrone, The Wall Street Shuffle and, most famously, 1975's ground-breaking I'm Not In Love, which topped the UK chart for two weeks.