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The banking regulator in China has said that it would fend off credit risks in the banking sector, according to Reuters.
BEIRUT: President Michel Aoun applauded the pre-emptive security operations conducted by the Army and security forces to fend off the threats of "terrorists" along Lebanon's northeastern border.
There are only a few clubs that can fend off interest from clubs in a higher level.
President-elect Barack Obama intends to offer Israel a strategic pact designed to fend off any nuclear attack by Iran
BLUEBERRIES One of the superfoods, blueberry's beta-carotene helps promote eye health while its flavanoids help blood circulation and have a strong antioxidant function to fend off a range of illnesses.
MY BALL: Determination on the face of a Coast Soccer player as he fends off a Cramlington challenge at under-11 level (above); FUL OF EFFORT: Sunderland-based Fulwell FC (plain shirts) against Cramlington Juniors Reds in the under-13 competition (left); BLYTH SPIRIT: Blyth Spartans Under-13s (dark shirts) fend off Scottish side Rosyth Colts (right); ON THE ATTACK: Wallsend BC push forward against Wansbeck in an under-13 match (above); WHITE HOT: Cramlington Whites (in white shorts) in possession during their under-13 meeting with Swanside Boys (left and below); TWO AGAINST ONE: More from the Blyth Spartans-Rosyth under-13 match (above)
5km laps and bravely tried to fend off the challenge of Russia's Larisa Ilchenko who eventually took the gold on the line by one second.
As it continues to fend off a rival bid for the Reckson portfolio from renegade investor, Carl Ichan, SL Green has been busy ramping up its own stock in the city, announcing investments in several midtown propertiers.
Delta Air Lines Seeks Creditor Help To Fend Off US Air Bid - Report.
At the same time, the machine adopts MHI's proprietary "Smart Yaw" technology to fend off occasional gusty strong winds and withstand hurricane-force wind velocities up to 70m/sec.
Thompson and his colleagues began with bacteria from the genus Streptomyces, soil bacteria that share an ancestor with Mycobacterium and are champions of producing antibiotics that fend off other microbes.
During a 24-hour period this spring, students had to fend off network attacks simulated by McAfee engineers.
In response, the organization explores ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency to fend off competition.
IN an effort to fend off endless litigation, construction delays and cost overruns, Los Angeles Unified School District officials agreed to a $4.
Love is supposed to count for something in this novel, though fending off its presence doesn't do much to fend off the outer dark.