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BEIRUT: A top Iranian military officer has said Tehran managed to fend off a campaign by 86 countries to topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
There are only a few clubs that can fend off interest from clubs in a higher level.
BLUEBERRIES One of the superfoods, blueberry's beta-carotene helps promote eye health while its flavanoids help blood circulation and have a strong antioxidant function to fend off a range of illnesses.
MY BALL: Determination on the face of a Coast Soccer player as he fends off a Cramlington challenge at under-11 level (above); FUL OF EFFORT: Sunderland-based Fulwell FC (plain shirts) against Cramlington Juniors Reds in the under-13 competition (left); BLYTH SPIRIT: Blyth Spartans Under-13s (dark shirts) fend off Scottish side Rosyth Colts (right); ON THE ATTACK: Wallsend BC push forward against Wansbeck in an under-13 match (above); WHITE HOT: Cramlington Whites (in white shorts) in possession during their under-13 meeting with Swanside Boys (left and below); TWO AGAINST ONE: More from the Blyth Spartans-Rosyth under-13 match (above)
Still, they seem to fend off HIV by a different mechanism than the receptor mutations described last year.
In addition, a variety of secret moves allow players to help fend off a constant barrage of bullets, fire, and explosives fired-off by local residents, army soldiers, and even the police force
In an effort to fend off a possible invasion of citrus and pests from Argentina, Ventura County is spearheading a major effort to protect the county's most valuable crop.
Intelligence and a vigorous mental life apparently cannot fend off age-related declines in the overall ease of manipulating information and memorizing arbitrary pairings, such as names to faces, the scientists contend.
The plan, approved by Semtech shareholders last year but not activated until this week, is meant to fend off ``coercive or inadequate takeover attempts,'' the company said in a written statement, though it added that management knows of no such attempts currently under way.
The gene enables a plant to make a big protein that helps fend off Pseudomonas syringae, a plant-damaging bacterium.
COMMAND/Post can alert the IS manager to problems and respond automatically to any systems and network events to fend off trouble conditions.
Cuz when you're a smokejumper, like Howie is in ``Firestorm,'' you get to jump from an airplane with a chainsaw, drive a motorcycle off a roof, fend off bullets with your ax (officially referred to as a ``polaskie''), jump off cliffs with a parachute while you're hugging a girl and landing in a raging river, get shot in the arm, beat up bad guys with flying karate kicks, hang onto a capsized boat underwater and kick the gas engine off before it explodes, pop out of the water like ``Rambo'' and heave your ax (again, a ``polaskie'') at bad guys, beat up bad guys underwater, then use the bad guy's head to plug a hole in a boat.
Also, even if one individual's immune system can't fend off a particular infection, another individual's slightly different system can.
After traveling to Simi Valley next week, the Panthers return home for games against Agoura, Royal and Westlake, the three teams they'll try to fend off for the league championship.