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They were able to use their intellectual and emotional strategizing and fend for themselves very well.
Pippin felt the call of the wild, and left his adoptive family to fend for himself--what new adventures could be in store for him?
If in 1945 we had left Germany to fend for themselves, the Soviets would have devoured them into their communist bloc.
He was far too young and small to fend for himself.
After the death of his mother, Jason is left alone to fend for himself in a world that labeled him "a menace to society.
Parents cannot always feed their children and leave them on the streets to fend for themselves.
Even with Mom nearby, the little lizards had to fend for themselves.
While all firms offer a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary ETFs for purchase, the majority does not aggregate information about them and place it in an easy-to-use and find location, leaving it up to the individual investors to fend for themselves.