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Most of them are left to fend for themselves for months and sometimes for even years and live in dire conditions.
She also denied the claim that her chickens littered the compound with droppings, saying the chickens were few and normally go out of the compound to fend for themselves.
The book describes a fictional American city, Bellona, that is nearly destroyed (by an event that is never fully explained) and is then forsaken by federal authorities who leave the metropolis to the mercy of looters, abandoning the residents who remain to fend for themselves.
The judge turned this proposal down because she concluded that the Minister's proposed placement was "contrary to J's welfare and would not enhance her ability to care and fend for herself." However, the Appeal Court ruled that the Family Court judge had exceeded her jurisdiction.
If the conceit seems too precious to be true--particularly under the metaphoric umbrella of the loggerhead turtles, who abandon their eggs on the beach to fend for themselves--writer-director Tim Kirkman wants you to know that, in fact, it's all true.
Pippin felt the call of the wild, and left his adoptive family to fend for himself--what new adventures could be in store for him?
In 2001 alone, about 2.5 million children were orphaned by AIDS and left to fend for themselves.
He was far too young and small to fend for himself.
After the death of his mother, Jason is left alone to fend for himself in a world that labeled him "a menace to society." But a chance meeting with Chinaka, a former Black Panther and the only "true" friend that Peaches ever had, shows him that "limitation's can only exist if they are self inflicted" and there is more to life than pimpin'.
As the young people become more able to fend for themselves, the level of support would decrease.
Parents cannot always feed their children and leave them on the streets to fend for themselves.
In such conditions, says Uetz, a spider's best chance would be to fend for itself.