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a rail that is split from a log


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The holes must align perfectly with the slots on the fence rail, so it's a good idea to cut a fake fence face from a scrap of MDF, drill the holes and test the fit.
William Foster, 53, was flown by helicopter to a hospital with the fence rail stuck through his chest, after firefighters cut off the back and front sections, California Highway Patrol officers said.
The three closed channels inside the fence rail trap hot air, which retards cooling.
In a galloping panic, she impaled herself on a four-inch wide wooden fence rail, some 10 feet in length, which went through her like a skewer.
DRIVER William Moralee crashed his pounds 100,000 Ferrari - and an 8ft metal fence rail pierced his left cheek and emerged from his right cheek.
Miscellaneous - Opbraakwerken,- Repair of pavement,- Temporary establishment of hardening,- Shielding: THV fence rail,- Green construction.
DRIVER William Moralee crashed his pounds 159,000 Ferrari - and an 8ft metal fence rail pierced his left cheek and came out of the right.
top right: Each day when I feed our horses, I sprinkle horse feed on the fence rails for our Cardinals.
Availability of the campgrounds is limited this summer while crews complete work to address damage from past use, including the removal of fence rails, illegal dumping, and the unauthorized cutting of trees for firewood.
For instance, my neighbor gave me a load of cedar fence rails he was replacing, and they have made perfect frames for my beds.
Remember that you will need two fence rails for every fence post.
The need for fence rails seemed to outweigh the market for peeler logs for this company since they did not produce any peeler logs.
Promeco Srl in Como, Italy, a builder of short, counter-rotating twin-screw briquetters, designed a version to make profiles out of mixed plastic waste for fence rails, pallet spacers, agricultural poles, bricks, and car stops.
The panels meet at a removable center post, which has a gate handle and four catches for barrel bolts attached to the openable fence rails.
Further to the west ran miles of sandhills unfit for cultivation but rich in other natural resources like logs, firewood, fence rails, and posts.