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Synonyms for fence

Synonyms for fence

to confine within a limited area

to separate with or as if with a wall

Synonyms for fence

a dealer in stolen property

enclose with a fence

receive stolen goods

Related Words

fight with fencing swords

surround with a wall in order to fortify

References in classic literature ?
Let us go to the fence, and then we may find a way," suggested Scraps.
I'm a very swift runner, for I can overtake a honey-bee as it flies; and I can jump very high, which is the reason they made such a tall fence to keep me in.
Those fence-boards are made of wood, and if the Woozy stands close to the fence and lets his eyes flash fire, they might set fire to the fence and burn it up.
He then stood close to the fence, with his head near one of the boards, and Scraps called out "Krizzle-Kroo
We don't want to burn the whole fence down," said he, "for the flames would attract the attention of the Munchkin farmers, who would then come and capture the Woozy again.
I only denied--" And he swept off on the subject of fences again, and was brilliant.
Now, a clergyman that I do hate," said she wanting to say something sympathetic, "a clergyman that does have fences, and the most dreadful ones, is Mr.
According to reporter, the new fence has undergone trials, which have been termed successful.
A senior officer told The Hindu that the old fence had 'high rate of degradation' from snow and needed repairs every season.
com are already underway and new user awareness guides from experts are already being added on whether or not it your fence needs replacement, how to choose the right fence company, and the property value benefits of adding a fence to your property.
Stone fences are one step below stone walls: a stone fence is held up solely or primarily by the rocks' sheer weight, rather than by mortar; consequently they are apt to need rebuilding, as the poem observes.
Choose between fence panels, available in various sizes, and close-board fencing, where you build up the fence one (vertical) plank of wood at a time.
Effective pest-proof fences must be windproof and waterproof, but allow water to pass under the fence through pest-proofed culverts or stream crossings.
Working in her garage with a fan, wind tunnel, and dish detergent, Erica tested scale models of six fence designs.
The fields of the two windows gave a view of the white of the constructed wall, while zippers along the sides suggested that this module could be endlessly repeated, like the slats of the fence.