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the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton

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7],[8],[9] Despite efforts made to maintain a standardized position in which the patella points straight ahead, this positioning does not necessarily control for some factors, such as unpredictable degrees of rotation of the femur that occur in a severely deformed, arthritic knee.
Six measurements were acquired from femur using osteometric board and Vernier callipers.
When pelvic widths and femur lengths were examined, it was found that volleyball and futsal players had wider pelvis while volleyball, futsal and basketball players had longer femurs when compared with the players of other branches(p<0.
Tissue from proximal femur was obtained to study the trabecular structure and collagen staining while midshaft of femur was transversely sectioned to measure the medullary cavity diameter.
Key words: Fetal biometry, southern punjab, biparietal diameter, head circumference, femur length, abdominal circumference, amniotic fluid index.
El la proyeccion latero-lateral se observo un desplazamiento hacia dorsal y craneal de la cabeza del femur (Figura 2).
Kangal ve Alman Coban Kopeklerinin Proximal Femur Bolumunde Cavum Medullare'nin Geometrik Ozellikleri
Methods: The retrospective study was conducted at Department of Orthopaedics in Taksim Training and Research Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) and comprised data of patients in whom osteosynthesis was applied with reverse Less Invasive Stabilisation System locking plate for an unstable extracapsular femur fracture between September 2006 and June 2011.
Majority of surgeons approve that distal femur fractures require operations to attain optimum patient outcomes.
Anatomically, surgical reduction is difficult in subtrochanteric femur fractures because of the action of muscles that generate various deforming forces.
com)-- Available now on the Android market, the app offers users of all ages a glimpse into Felipe Femur the Skeleton's neighborhood, circle of friends, house, and even his noggin.
Changes to the proximal femur cause problems in the setting of a cementless total hip prosthesis.
We report on a 17-year-old man who underwent prophylactic fixation of the incomplete subtrochanteric femur fracture produced by a low-velocity gunshot.
These individual expectations of the femur anatomy could neither be quantified nor shared among the design team, hampering the cooperative engineering of the implant geometry.