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one quadrillionth (10^-15) of a second

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Subsequent Cellular Responses to Femtosecond Laser Induced Calcium Change
(12) However, during corneal incision creation with the femtosecond laser, if the incision is too anterior, it can cause surgically induced astigmatism, or if the incision is too peripheral, it cannot be opened secondary to the conjunctiva blocking.
The femtosecond laser allows the cutting of multiple layered materials in one process step.
Raydiance develops and produces precision manufacturing solutions enabled by femtosecond laser technology.
The new kid on the block when it comes to cataract extraction is the femtosecond laser.
It takes less than a hundred femtoseconds to restore magnetic order if it has been disturbed.
TPV has now developed a new femtosecond laser procedure, known as CUSTOMLENS(tm), for performing the key steps in the cataract surgery procedure.
A sampling of topics includes: recent progress of high peak power solid state lasers, laser annealing of composite materials with metal nonoparticles, single crystal photo-elastic modulators, optical properties of rare earth ions induced by femtosecond lasers, and ultrafast dynamics of porphyrins in a higher excited state.
CATCH A WAVE The new molecular-imaging technique relies on laser-light pulses whose associated electric fields change direction within about a femtosecond, notes Robert R.
The Eclipse high power femtosecond amplified laser features simple and rugged architecture and can be directly pumped by laser diodes.
NIST recently completed a thorough study of the amplitude noise on supercontinua generated by injecting femtosecond laser pulses into microstructure fiber.
Contract notice: supply, delivery, commissioning, maintenance of a femtosecond laser for refractive surgery, as well as the supply of associated consumables on behalf of quinze-vingts chno
A team of optical physicists at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center is exploring the possibility of using femtosecond lasers to join dissimilar materials and perform micromachining in the manufacturing of spaceflight instruments.
The Laser P 400 U is a one-of-a-kind laser engraving, texturing, and marking solution system that combines efficiency with femtosecond laser technology in an extremely small footprint.