femoral artery

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the chief artery of the thigh

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Duplex ultrasound and CT angiography of the left lower extremity revealed a 4 cm sac of pseudoaneurysm on the distal part of posterofemoral branch of deep femoral artery and a 9*10 cm haematoma on the posteromedial part of pseudoaneurysm.
Infected pseudoaneurysm of femoral artery is one of commonest vascular complication in IV drug addicts.
On the other hand, the straight spring wire is very expensive that is inserted into the femoral artery of mice in this experiment, and the way of purchase is not convenient, caused laboratories of many countries are difficult to implement the animal model.
There was significant difference in systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressures between the radial artery and femoral artery cannulation.
The apex of the fragment was medial to the deep femoral artery and distal to the lateral circumflex artery, both being completely intact.
The femoral artery also runs adjacent to the abdominal cavity.
Owing to his youth and the risk of extending long stents directly into the common femoral artery, we inserted shorter stents into the internal iliac artery, thus perfusing the lower limb via the cruciate anastomosis.
The Supera system is indicated to improve luminal diameter in the treatment of patients with symptomatic de novo or restenotic native lesions or occlusions of the superficial femoral artery and/or proximal popliteal artery with a reference vessel diameter of 4.
It is carried out under local anaesthesia and during the procedure a contrast medium is injected into the femoral artery in the groin.
Armor, a California corporation, is leading the way in ballistic femoral artery and groin protection for Law Enforcement and Department of Defense personnel with a revolutionary new product debuting at this year's SHOT SHOW, *Ballistic Underwear*.
Researchers have learned that using the radial artery in the arm, rather than the femoral artery in the leg, as the entry point when performing common procedures on the heart may reduce bleeding and complications in women.
Pathologist Dr Mark Lord said he had a deep, four-centimetre long cut to the inside of the leg and a femoral artery had been lacerated.
The sciatic artery disappears at 12 to 14 weeks of intrauterine life and the superficial femoral artery takes over the vascular supply of the leg.
Because of the risk of LMCA obstruction a 7F catheter was introduced to the left common femoral artery than LMCA was engaged with a 7F Judkins left 4 guiding catheter.
Pedersen underwent a common procedure for inserting the stents, which involved running a thin catheter with the elongated metal stents through his femoral artery in his groin and up into his heart.