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the process of becoming feminized

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Ezri (previously Danni) after facial feminization surgery
Scientists believe the trend toward feminization in the green sea turtles had been happening for at least 20 years.
The first half of Nursing and Empire pulls apart the stigmatized feminization of nursing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in India.
DISCUSSION: Testicular feminization syndrome may present as complete form (CAIS) and incomplete form (PAIS).
There are four recurring themes in her book: (1) the source of feminization, (2) the supply characteristics of female labor, (3) mediating institutions, and (4) gender discourses of work.
Gender and Christianity in modern Europe; beyond the feminization thesis.
APHA member Ellen Daley, PhD, MPH, who discussed the feminization of HPV during a session at APHA's 140th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, told The Nation's Health that the "problem for men .
Previous studies have shown that perinatal exposure to the synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol (DES) leads to feminization of the seminal vesicle (SV) in male mice, as evidenced by tissue hyperplasia, ectopic expression of a major estrogen-inducible uterine secretory protein lactoferrin (LF), and reduced expression of SV secretory IV protein (SVS IV).
The book in question in this review is entitled 'Migration, domestic work and affect: a decolonial approach on value and the feminization of labor' by Encarnacion Gutierrez-Rodriguez (2010).
Feminization of Poverty can be defined as the increase in proportion and severity of poverty in women-headed households (WHHs) and the rise in womens participation in low-paying, urban, informal sector economic activities.
Ms Tahira Abdullah said that besides the rise in women's participation in low-paying urban, informal sector economic activities, agricultural non-remunerated work are also indicators of feminization of poverty.
2] Rather than critique the film's representation of masculinity, then, I will argue that the film's articulation of its anti-capitalist rebellion as a fight against feminization not only relies on and perpetuates a stable, transhistorical idea of gender difference, but also imagines contemporary social realities as serving the needs of women at the expense of men.
Feminization of the legal profession--the comparative sociology of women lawyers.
Sensational stories in the popular press, often based on research in mice or rats, lead men to wonder if eating soy will lead to infertility or feminization.