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Mohja Kahf says she has left behind her earlier reluctance to call herself feminist, adding, "I'm a little tired of defensive Muslim women and men who are for gender equity" and use "verbal acrobatics" to avoid the word.
They never dreamed they'd end up running a feminist bookstore but learned they had talent for the business and loved it.
These essays suggest that the stubborn persistence of masculinity requires a feminist response that demands, among other things, institutional accountability.
But the romance between social conservatives and the far-left feminist goes a long way back.
The writing is strong and tough and the subjects go beyond the classic feminist writing on reproductive rights and equal rights, which are still essential, but not the only issues facing young women today.
One could go on and on (and many have) about whether Greenwood is more PJ than Patti, more Seattle than SoHo, but what fascinates me about her semifictional feminist troupe is how very often she lets space and time just sit there, how often she makes both available rather than filling them with songs.
Bryce Christensen of the Howard Center on the Family, Religion, and Society, feminist commentators have "celebrated--even exulted in--the battlefield death of 23-year-old supply clerk Lori Piestewa," a mother of two who was killed in the same battle in which Private Jessica Lynch was captured.
Smith was responsible for the first anthologies to feature works by black lesbian authors: She was coeditor of Conditions: Five--The Black Women's Issue (Conditions, 1988) and editor of Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology (Kitchen Table/Women of Color, 1983).
Brodde), Amazon: A Novel (1993), a children's book Feminist Fairy Tales (1996), and The Essential Handbook of Women's Spirituality and Ritual (2001).
Both books craft feminist history with the tools of irony and humor.
My intention in this essay is to make some pragmatic suggestions for engaging in feminist biblical interpretation that does not perpetuate, reinforce, or create anti-Jewish theological constructions.
T]he prevailing trend" of feminist criticism, Goldberg alleges, "has been tantamount to the recovery of morally pure, suffering subjects" (5) -- that generalization diminishing feminists' analyses of topics such as Elizabeth Tudor's manipulations of male and female subject positions in her poems and speeches; Anne Askew's insubordinate responses to her "papist" questioners; and women pamphleteers' angry denunciations of adversaries who label all women "unvirtuous.
In this study of literature by black and white American women writers before the Civil War, Linda Grasso rejects the focus on domestic ideology that she thinks has dominated feminist literary criticism and history, in favor of what she calls a paradigm of anger.
She argues that Ontario farm women have not been as deeply conservative and uninterested in feminist issues as portrayed by some historians "who have either avoided the subject of Ontario farm women and feminism or quickly dismissed the connection" (p.
This elite social background would characterize all participants in the discourse, including those belonging to Poland's first organized feminist movement.