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When asked why she thinks the blog was blocked, founding editor of Feminist Voices Lu Pin told HKFP that, 'Our topic isn't really related to the core of politics, but we have a big power to rally supporters.
The stories, struggles, and strategies of these magazines not only represent contemporary feminism, they create and shape feminist cultures.
Gay bravely says that which so many of us think, feel and experience while employing nuance, honesty and a feminist analysis.
Roces recognises the feminist nun, the prostitute and the woman worker as representatives of the new 'Filipino woman'.
How an individual becomes a critically conscious participant in resistance is a question that attracts feminist researchers.
Radical Feminists opens with a "Historical Overview" to contextualize the Second Wave U.
Focusing on the practical application of feminist theory to clinical experience, Introduction to Feminist Therapy provides guidelines to help therapists master social action and empowerment techniques, feminist diagnostic and assessment strategies and gender role and power analyses to foster individual and social change.
The book embraces a feminist theoretical stance by examining how feminist assumptions, in particular empowerment, stray from feminism under the neoliberal political environment in India.
The authors examine a number of Hebrew Bible texts and stories that have become favorites among feminist interpreters--such as Genesis 1-3, the rape of Dinah, Judges 19, and the story of Tamar (2 Sam.
Feminist Interpretations of Hans-Georg Gadamer (Hans-Georg Gadamer'in Feminist Yorumlari) (407 sayfa) The University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press.
Today in Canada, where womyn's rights are under attack, where funding to feminist and womyn's organizations has been cut, where indigenous peopLe are still not respected, immigrant and refugee womyn are not valued, where womyn still do not have full control over our bodies or reproduction, where womyn and girls are hypersexualized and face obscene amounts of violence, where the environment is threatened to the point where humanity itself is in peril, where the only national feminist umbrella group, the National Action Committee (NAC), has dissolved, and when womyn are still being oppressed and exploited because we are womyn, yes, we certainly do need feminism.
Feminist Realism at the Fin de Siecle: The Influence of the Late-Victorian Woman's Press on the Development of the Novel.
feminist activist community has been fervently engaging with the relationship between transgender politics and feminism.
FEMINIST BIOETHICS: AT THE CENTER, ON THE MARGINS is a powerful college-level consideration of medical ethics perfect for both health and women's studies libraries.
Ryland embraces the term feminist only with reservations.