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female emancipation


Synonyms for feminism

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We have been actively engaged in mapping and convening the different forms of feminisms in the region while fostering a dialogue among State feminism, Islamic feminism, and globalized feminism representatives without stigmatizing any of these approaches to women's rights," said Dr.
Gender and the Arab Public Sphere," at the American University of Beirut (AUB) allowed more than 60 scholars and activists from around the world to exchange research findings and expertise on women and feminism in the Arab world.
I hoped Turbo Chicks would help make space for some of the perspectives of younger women in and about feminisms and encourage the kind of great discussion feminism has always inspired.
ALLYSON MITCHELL: I was genuinely interested in what young women were doing with feminism.
Similar critiques are offered by Gill (2016) and McRobbie (2015) in their consideration of new forms of resurgent feminisms.
Feminism in the Papers: Contested Feminisms in the British Quality Press".
We are encouraged to be wary of how feminism merging into mainstream politics and governance "consolidates a particularistic, identity-based project" at the expense of alternative feminisms that ignore the "siren call of victimisation and identity as prerequisites for legal intelligibility" (Halley and Thomas, 2013, p.
Mapping Contemporary Feminism Activisms in Europe," by Jonathan Dean & Kristin Aune; "Critical Waves: Exploring Feminist Identity, Discourse, and Praxis in Western Feminism," by Elizabeth Evans & Prudence Chamberlain; "Feminist NGOs and the European Union: Contracting Opportunities and Strategic Response," by Pauline Cullen; "Political Not Generational: Getting Real about Contemporary UK Radical Feminism," by Finn Mackay; "Contemporary British Feminism: Opening the Door to Men?
understanding of feminism in both cultures and enables us to understand
Makdisi said she hoped the conference would help answer such complex questions as how feminism plays a role in the tumultuous Arab world, secular and Muslim feminisms, feminism's relationship to the state, and how feminism can be used to advance the rights of women in the region.
Critical commentary on new feminisms has often accused this work of conflating consumerism with political action, personal change with political change, and cultural and cosmetic accommodations with economic and political restructuring.
WE UNDERSTAND that feminism doesn't actually have a first-person plural subject.
First, it inappropriately parallels the emergence of the "white women's liberation movement" to that of early black and Chicana feminisms.
Twyman, and the film Secretary, through the lens of multiple feminisms and queer theory.
Feminism as a social movement has its roots in the nineteenth century, starting with evangelical feminism, still conservative in its attitude to women, up to modern day feminism, including its more radical forms.