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the process of becoming feminized

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Ezri (previously Danni) after facial feminisation surgery
The committee members and merchants are not opposed to the feminisation program but have found it difficult to implement it, resulting in losses, he pointed out.
La feminisation des noms de metiers est un ensemble de procedes linguistiques consistant a expliciter la presence des femmes dans la vie publique.
Some worry about the impact of feminisation on the status of medicine.
Dr Jane Pillinger, who wrote The Feminisation Of Migration report, recommended setting up a special migrants' helpline, as well as greater access to flexible working hours and affordable childcare.
Feminisation of young males of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio, exposed to 4-tert-pentylphenol during sexual differentiation.
Dr Rick Leah, a leading eco-toxicologist at Liverpool University, said, 'We've been investigating this problem for some years now, and it does indeed seem that most male fish in the estuary show signs of feminisation in the proteins in their blood.
Resume: Cet article examine l'impact potentiel de la feminisation sur les professions au moyen d'une etude de cas dans les professions dentaires en Ontario.
Les tentatives de feminisation des noms des titres et fonctions et de desexisation du discours qui se poursuivent dans la Francophonie sont toutes determinees par les possibilites morpho-syntaxiques qu'offre le systeme de la langue francaise.
The paper focuses on the reasons for the opposition to the feminisation of the French language and the role of the Ministry for Women's rights in the 80's.
This is problematic because research has emerged that women have experienced globalisation negatively, There is increased feminisation of poverty.
Ce passage a donna lieu un processus de feminisation de l'immigration; en 1990, notent les acteurs sociaux, un immigre sur quatre est une femme.
L'auteure presente la montee du salariat comme un des effets importants de ces pressions et il aurait ete un facteur determinant de la feminisation rapide de la profession.
Transformation Street ITV, 9pm FACTUAL This week we meet author Juno, who was born male but plans to undergo feminisation surgery.
We also need to think broadly as we look for the causes of fish feminisation in various streams, rivers and lakes, as well as possible solutions," Novak said.