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a child who is female

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The results indicated that the rodents, who were given paracetamol during pregnancy at doses equivalent to those that of a pregnant woman may take for pain relief, produced female offspring with fewer eggs.
In the present study, no significant differences in BW were seen in 5-wk-old male and female offspring exposed to BPA during development compared with controls, in accord with previous publications (Cao et al.
Thus, the data in Table 2 show an erythrocyte and hemoglobin growth trend in the blood of the female offspring as compared with the mothers, accumulation of circulatory buffers in organisms.
Bailey provides information for a few individuals, but there is no systematic account of whether such men married "in or out" and what part of their fortunes they provided as dowries for their female offspring.
When specific food groups were examined, meat products were associated with increased risk of overweight female offspring, and grains and cereals were associated with a decreased risk.
But what really moved her, she said, was the ability of former enemies in the region to overcome the past by "passing on the gift"--giving the first female offspring of their livestock to another family.
First time "For the very first time, we have been able to inhibit the production of female offspring in the laboratory and this provides a new means to eliminate the disease," said Andrea Crisanti, who led the research at Imperial's department of life sciences.
It has been known for decades that reptile reproduction is highly sensitive to temperature, with the ratio of male to female offspring varying.
Female offspring were collected every 48 hours and measurements were taken of tail-spine and body length to determine the impact of the combined exposure on these morphological end-points.
This growth effect was observed in both male and female offspring and was significant after controlling for maternal care," say the authors.
These effects were stronger for female offspring than for their brothers.
They also found these effects were stronger in female offspring than males.
A single female cowpea weevil can produce 60 male and female offspring in less than a month.
Far from breeders and potential owners bemoaning an inability to afford the stud fees of Galileo, Sea The Stars and Frankel, this situation will give an opportunity for sires and bloodlines of their female offspring to become the Habitat, Val De Loir and Sir Ivor of the next generation, as when Northern Dancer first narrowed the stallion bloodlines all those years ago.