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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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Unlike in species such as Crassostrea gigas, where strip spawning allows for extraction of male and female gametes prior to fertilization, producing brooded oysters that are primarily hermaphrodite female or all female (and being able to confirm ripeness of gonad through noninvasive techniques) is a priority for O.
Earlier this year, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States reported making female gametes - eggs - from mouse stem cells taken from embryos.
Researchers had found female gametes from flowering plants, or angiosperms, that don't need fertilization to sprout into a perfect adult plant.
Both male and female gametes have lost most of their viability.
Histological analysis of gonads from animals collected over two reproductive seasons revealed that the temporal development of male and female gametes proceeded as expected in the Solent oyster population, and thus disruption of the gametogenic cycle as such was unlikely to be the reason for the current population collapse.
The presence of male and female gametes in the same follicle is coincident with other Sphaeriidae (Araujo & Ramos 1999) and differs from some Corbicula species, which present male and female gametes in different follicles (Ituarte 1986, Grande et al.