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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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In tetraploids, the gamete cell sizes were significantly larger in comparison with diploids for all measured cells, although the increase in diameters varied for male and female gamete cells.
In the case of the female gamete in vitro transfections using liposomes or retroviruses have been applied successfully.
We presume that the ovopathy concept, which unites the determination of both sex and quality of the female gamete, elucidates most of the enigmas related to dioxin and sex ratio.
Most models of sex allocation are based on the concept of male and female gain curves (the relationship between relative investment in either male or female gamete production and resulting reproductive success; Charnov 1979, 1982).
At individual scale, male and female maturation proxies were contrasted, showing either asynchronous emissions of male and female gametes or contrasted spermatogenesis and oogenesis duration.
In the case of a male gamete donor for the artificial fertilisation of his spouse, in that male gamete donor; and in the case of a female gamete donor, for the artificial fertilisation of a recipient, in that female gamete donor.
Female gamete genotype Frequency Rfm 1/2 (1 - r) RfM 1/2 r rfm 1/2 r rfm 1/2 (1 - r) Male gamete genotype (frequency) Female gamete Rfm (1 - r) genotype ([dagger]) RfM (r) rfm (0) rfm (0) Rfm RfRfmm RfRfMm Rfrfmm RfrfMm 1/2[(1 - r).
The 1986 regulations only defined 'in vitro fertilisation', and described this as 'the bringing together outside the human body of a male and a female gamete and the placing of the zygote in the womb of a female person'.
1] plants is unchanged, same as the homozygous (sese) condition when fusing with Se female gametes, so the percentage haploid production is dependent upon the genotype of the plant donating the Se female gamete (11% for SeSe female).
the chance of a genome donating a female gamete to the next generation is proportional to the fitness of the genome.
In this case, males appeared to predominate after initial female gamete release, potentially as metabolic reserves became depleted.
That is to say, the hybrid produced a 2n female gamete that had as many chromosomes as its somatic (2n) cells because of meiotic chromosome restitution.
Decreases in female gamete and follicle sizes and increases in occurrence of partially spawned, spent and early growth gonads in autumn were suggestive of synchronous spawning, which coincided with a rapid decrease in water temperature and maximum measured chlorophyll-a concentrations.
The donor of S5n is called a WCV, as both heterozygotes of S5n/ S5i and S5n/S5j do not show female gamete abortion.
e(v)] attained when a sample is regenerated assuming u = 1 and random sampling (Case 3) is the same as that expected when germplasm is collected and seeds are sampled from an infinitely large number of seed and pollen parents (Case 1), or when sampling of seeds is with female gamete control, the set of seed parents (P) is finite, and a single seed is taken from each one (Case 2).