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The objectification of the female body is also visible when a society wants to uphold its culture and reaffirm its identity, as it is the practice during the Olufuku in northern Namibia among the Aawambo people, Ovahimba and other Northern communities that adheres to this custom.
The smart bra has adjustable straps on the shoulders and back so as to fit different body shapes, and to give it the flexibility essential to adapt to the female body.
Drawn from the Ninth International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books, oReligion and the Female Body in Ancient East Mediterranean,o held in Budapest, Hungary, in May 2012, the 12 papers in this volume examine different aspects related to the female body in the literature of the Ancient Near East, early Judaism, and Christianity, from the beginning of the first millennium BC to the Renaissance.
In the study which claims to be the most comprehensive analysis of female body types, researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney asked almost 60,000 volunteers (80% of which were male) to look at computerised variations of the female physique and rate them.
It is not difficult to see what messages we are sending the younger generation as to the purpose of the female body and why so many women feel too embarrassed to breastfeed in public.
that traverse the female body and through which the female body traverses" (3-4).
The photography series in the exhibition are Edelson's "Body Works," which examines the power of women through goddess figures; Hourmat's "The Stamp Boy," which uses art history and fashion photos to delve into the representation of women and the female body; Forouhar's "Swanrider," which takes inspiration from the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling"; and photos by JE-rgenssen that explore the use of the female body as an area for cultural and psychic writing.
One blogger on #BlackInAsia wrote: "The video is meant to be a critique and satire of popular culture and manages some deserved jabs at Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' videos among others, but in the end it just reduces itself down to elevating Lily Allen's white female body and objectifying and utterly denigrating those of the black female dancers she deliberately surrounds herself with from start to finish.
In her book, Deviant and Useful Citizens: The Cultural Production of the Body in Eighteenth-Century Peru [Vanderbilt, 2011], Mariselle Melendez provides a penetrating overview of this type of rhetoric, as it relates to the female body in eighteenth-century Peru.
He insisted that the female body thirsts for words of a man and so they went for it.
My intention is to explore the physical and tactile properties of hide as well as aspects of control that allow or prevent me from manipulating this material in the context of the female body and contemporary art.
Akin backtracked on his position yesterday, saying he was wrong to claim the female body could shut down reproduction when raped.
Judith Butler observes that in Levi-Strauss's structuralist anthropology the female body is acculturated through the exogamous processes of exchange upon which heterosexual, patriarchal societies are founded:
A major issue in feminist epistemology is its critique of rationality and dualism especially in relationship to the female body.
Deviant and useful citizens; the cultural production of the female body in eighteenth-century Peru.