felt-tipped pen

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a pen with a writing tip made of felt (trade name Magic Marker)

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Each time a black mark is made with the felt-tipped pen, the pen automatically sounds a beep and the LCD displays the counts.
Helpless Wendy Lindley, 24, then had cats' whiskers painted on her face with a felt-tipped pen and was pelted with pieces of polystyrene.
Children can use any media in their entries, such as crayons, coloured pencils, felt-tipped pens or paint, which must be completed on an A4 sheet of paper.
1x small plastic yoghurt pot, 1x lollypop stick, 1x piece of white card, glue, felt-tipped pens, a small piece of white felt or white fake fur, safety scissors, strong tape.
You need: 3 different brands of black water-based markers or felt-tipped pens, 3 cups with a tiny bit of water in them, 3 pencils or rubber bands, 3 strips of coffee filter or strips of paper towel (about 3 cm by 15 cm)
You will need: 1x large thin piece of card, felt-tipped pens, ribbon or strips of crepe paper, glue, safety scissors, tissue, fabric, sequins (all optional), a hole punch.
Decorate the oval using the felt-tipped pens and any other materials you have at hand such as pieces of fabric, sequins and beads.
You will need: 5x sheets of thin A4 card, felt-tipped pens, paper fasteners, safety scissors.
Decorate each of the egg shapes with the felt-tipped pens.
You will need: 1x piece of thin card, felt-tipped pens, 2x elastic bands, a hole punch.