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a pen with a writing tip made of felt (trade name Magic Marker)

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GETTING HAIRY Sandy used felt-tip pen to write his plea on his thigh
When it dries, use the felt-tip pen to make a squiggly design around the heart Then write a valentine's message, such as I Love You or You're Special, on the heart.
I continue to believe that the "constant retinal play" the viewer encounters in Conner's felt-tip pen drawings and related lithographs is a rather unique phenomenon among the drawings and prints made in the Sixties by artists living in California, not to mention elsewhere.
Use a ruler and a red felt-tip pen to draw stripes on a piece of white paper.
These hook-and-loop cable ties come with a write-on area that is smudge-free and ideal for fast and easy identification using a ballpoint or felt-tip pen.
I realize I won't be able to take notes because the felt-tip pen makes too much noise.
You may find it helpful to mark the edge with a felt-tip pen.
Factfinders Investigations of Peralta, NM, is selling a special felt-tip pen that can detect counterfeit money with just a scribble.
Scientists may out-and-out fabricate an experiment, as William Summerlin did at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York when he decorated those mice with a felt-tip pen to make it seem that their skin grafts had taken.
With an air of controlled casualness and with roots in formal calligraphy, the Berranger Hand design is a handwriting script face with the look of contemporary informal lettering, written quickly with a felt-tip pen.
WHAT YOU NEED: Small plastic lunch bags which seal across the top Spring clothes peg Pipe cleaner Pair of googly eyes Glue Felt-tip pen Snacks - grapes/cheddars/ cheese snacks etc.
Toddlers can wreak untold havoc in the home with a felt-tip pen |
Use a felt-tip pen to mark the pattern on the front of the pumpkin.
Use a large-barreled felt-tip pen, and consciously remind yourself to write using larger letters, using paper with wide-spaced lines and filling up the space between the lines.
If you like the way it looks, you can outline your leaf with a slim felt-tip pen after it dries.