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a hat made of felt with a creased crown

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When I was a boy I used to enjoy wearing a wide-brimmed felt hat and affecting a lazy swing in my gait.
Pia check coat, pounds 122, handbag, pounds 112, from Reiss; black felt hat, pounds 25, from Kate Kuba, also on front cover; Hat, pounds 10, coat, pounds 75, bag, pounds 22, from Next; Snug coat, pounds 99, from LK Bennett; Coat, pounds 59.
All from the Primark Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection; Checked cocoon coat, pounds 75, Therapy, black Linea beret, pounds 12, Wolford tights, pounds 17, all from House of Fraser; Red Herring faux fur gilet, pounds 35, John Rocha applique blouse, pounds 35, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson ombre felt hat, pounds 20, EB by Erickson Beamon embellished cuff necklace, pounds 25, Red Herring long bead necklace, pounds 10, from Debenhams Preview JANUARY, 4.
When Troy Hendrix pulls off his brown felt hat, it's the signal the regulars know as "the last song.
Pictured: Red Herring faux fur gilet, pounds 35, John Rocha applique blouse, pounds 35, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson felt hat, pounds 20, EB by Erickson Beamon cuff necklace, pounds 25, and Red Herring long bead necklace, pounds 10.
Watching this show I thought it was funny, and not a little bit ironic, that it was being screened at the same time as the programme about Mary Whitehouse, the dusty, joyless, old busybody in a felt hat and owl-rimmed specs - sorry, I meant self-appointed noble crusader for all things decent - who wanted to clean up telly in the 1960s.
Try Next's white reversible fisherman's hat with candy stripe on reverse, pounds 8, or ASOS's floppy felt hat, pounds 12, to shield your face from storm or sun.
For something less structured, you can double the fun with Next's white reversible fisherman's hat, pounds 8, Accessorize's linen cloche hat, pounds 15, or ASOS' stylish floppy felt hat, pounds 12, that shields your face from storms or sun rays.
The three objectives of this article include: a focus on top hats with a brief overview of how the beaver felt hat was manufactured; second, historic images of various Indians wearing top hats; last, a focus on one outstanding Lakota decorated top hat and contemporary reproductions.
For May, an Ecuadorean woman in a traditional wool sweater and felt hat harvests massive collard greens from her greenhouse.
A man in a faded gray raincoat and a flopping black felt hat that nearly concealed the gray hair that straggled over his ears stood on the boat deck of the steamship Rotterdam yesterday, timidly facing a battery of cameramen.
If I go to a party, now I have my own party hat,'' said 7-year-old Joshua Galst of Westwood, beaming over his brightly colored felt hat.
If you need proof of this (not the last bit, necessarily, but the rest of it), then rerun the video of the Beeb's coverage of the Derby and watch Lydia Hislop's interview with a man who had clearly forgotten he was working class and had gained entry to the Queen's Stand wearing a hired felt hat for which he had failed to attend any of the fittings.
Greenlaw would always be wearing a red felt hat, its brim filled with sunflower seeds for the noisy, little black-capped chickadees riding on top.
After a well-received set by Nashville singer Annie and her two accompanists, the man in the battered felt hat settled himself into his chair and treated a large and appreciative audience to favourites old and new.