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Synonyms for felony

Synonyms for felony

a serious breaking of the public law

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The evidence favoring this understanding is compounded by the fact that the Missouri legislature built in a method of preventing abuse of this enumerated felony. Section 565.023, the voluntary manslaughter statute, states:
(6) Recidivist adjustments exist for both misdemeanor and felony offenses.
The decision to make a felony upgrade is made in concert with an arresting officer and an assistant state's attorney at the Office of Felony Review.
What obstacles remain to the permanent restoration of voting rights for persons with felony convictions in Washington?
The law adds a "knowing" requirement for commission of the felony. Previously, attending an animal fighting show was punished merely as a misdemeanor.
Critics of felony murder argue it unduly punishes someone who didn't actually commit the deadly act and requires no intent to kill to be applied.
Incitement to commit a felony under Article 495 carries a maximum jail term of two years and a fine of four million riel.
State lawmakers already had rewritten the felony stealing statute by the time Bazell was decided.
Laura Bouma, appellant, was convicted by a jury in the Circuit Court for Howard County of felony theft.
DANIEL FAGUNDES, WHO was arrested for growing medical marijuana that he supplied to a Las Vegas dispensary, found himself excluded from that state's newly legal recreational industry because he had been convicted of a felony: possession with intent to sell.
Moran determined that Ellison was a persistent felony offender with at least three felony convictions and sentenced him to 20 years to life in prison.
No longer would individuals convicted of these offenses be facing long prison sentences and felony records.
The state may enhance domestic-assault charges to the felony level based on two prior domestic-violence convictions even if the earlier offenses arose from the same behavioral incident and were not sentenced separately, the Court of Appeals has ruled in State v.
Mr Muumbu and his co-accused Mr Munyao Mwendwa and Mr Muli Mutia faced three counts of arson, conspiracy to torch the county government offices and failure to prevent a felony.The first charge states that on February 25, this year at around 2am within Kitui township, they jointly set on fire to the Kitui County Environment office valued at Sh150 million.
An immigrant's conviction for unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture, deliver, or sell constitutes a conviction of both an aggravated felony and a crime involving moral turpitude.