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Synonyms for felonious

involving or being or having the nature of a crime


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Over the past 25 years, calculated the Star Tribune, 15 Conroy friends and business associates suffered an improbable 51 fires at their homes and businesses, collecting millions in losses from insurance, And firefighters frequently overlooked the obvious causes of these blazes-gasoline-soaked rags, broke or felonious owners, and other arson-for-profit indicators.
The 63-year-old college Hall of Famer, who played middle guard when the Buckeyes won a national championship in 1968, was jailed on a felonious assault charge.
Of these, 48 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts and 47 officers died in accidents.
JIM RYAN: The former Democratic state rep from Franklin, whose financially felonious past was revealed earlier this year, is released from jail in order to begin paying restitution.
Dauphinee is wanted on three counts of felonious sexual assault against children, stemming from an investigation by the Allenstown, N.H., Police Department.
The 55 felonious line-of-duty deaths, a decrease of 2 from 2004, took place during 53 separate incidents and occurred in 24 states and Puerto Rico.
In Los Angeles, McDonald wrote, police can't jail dangerous gang members, despite their violent criminal records and felonious re-entry into the country, because they would violate the police department's rule against enforcing immigration laws.
Pilcher is charged with three counts each of felonious misconduct in office, falsifying public documents and tampering with records.
He proclaimed that he was "not a crook" while surrounding himself with as felonious a gang of sociopaths as had infested the White House since at least the days of Warren Gamaliel Harding.
Only 15 percent were committed by strangers, and only 18 percent were the result of felonious activity.
With this NBI conducting the investigation, the secretary expressed confidence that "those individuals who are responsible for this felonious act will be held liable."
Chief of party of Acdi/Voca-Usda, Felonious Trimmel, said Minpact would boost productivity and income of small cocoa, coconut, and coffee farmers in Southern and Western Mindanao.
Over that 18-year period, murder has declined by 85 percent, robbery has fallen by 53.6 percent, felonious assault has plummeted by 81.1 percent, burglary is down by 84.5 percent, and grand larceny has sunk by 60.6 percent.
The move is warranted: Lenders who cash in on the misfortune of people they know cannot repay are guilty of infractions no less felonious in nature than, say, a burglary or bank robbery.