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Synonyms for felony

Synonyms for felony

a serious breaking of the public law

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As an aside, this is not the only such anomalous sentencing disparity between misdemeanors and felonies in Oregon's criminal code.
It held that assaultive felonies merge into the resulting homicide (43) when it overturned the murder conviction of a defendant who resisted an officer's lawful arrest and the officer died as a result of that resistance.
What we are suggesting to you is it is time to rethink whether that is a productive use of resources to make all of those offenses potentially felonies.
Ireland involved the second degree felony murder rule because the underlying felony (assault with a deadly weapon) is not among the felonies enumerated in Section 189 of the California Penal Code.
Lopez acknowledged that certain state possession crimes corresponding to felony violations of the CSA--including recidivist possession--constitute aggravated felonies.
189) Facing elevated stakes, criminals hopefully will carry out their felonies more carefully and control the conduct of their co-felons.
24) His criminal record arguably fit within the statutory definition of drug trafficking because his two subsequent state convictions for simple possession were concurrently "punishable" as felonies under the federal Controlled Substances Act, (25) and the First Circuit relied on this fact in reaching its primary holding.
section] 21-3436 (2006) (enumerating the inherently dangerous felonies that qualify under the felony murder statute, but not including DWI among them); IND.
11, private security firms are increasingly conducting criminal background checks that are affecting mostly black and Latino workers with felonies, according to a National Public Radio report.
The bill would create two new anti-shredding felonies designed to set clear requirements for preserving financial audit documents and close loopholes in current laws.
On March 19th, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office charged Bennett with felony murder, a second-degree offense under a state law that allows persons involved in felonies to be charged with murder even when they do not personally do the killing.
The state of Alabama permanently bars people convicted of felonies from exercising the right to vote.
Ramsey County is the second-most populous in Minnesota and has on average 3,200 adult felonies and over 4,000 juvenile cases per year.
In a letter to Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan, the Campaign Legal Center said the forms imply all people with felonies have to go through a process to get their voting rights restored.