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rim (or part of the rim) into which spokes are inserted


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A steel tire is shrunk tightly upon the wheel to provide a wearing surface, while holding the felloe firmly on the spokes and the spokes tightly into the hub.
It implies that barrow wheels may have been as demanding to make as any cart wheel as far as the making and setting of spokes, hub and felloes was concerned but did not require the skills of axle-making and fitting the axle into the hub.
Lastly, according to all pictorial evidence, no wheelbarrow wheel displays the nails in the felloes typical of the Shandong cart, although these were important for the strength of large, slim wheels, according to Wegener Sleeswyk, 'Form and function', pp.
Yuan, "Disfigurement and Reconstruction in Oliver Wendell Holmes's 'The Human Wheel, Its Spokes and Felloes, in The Body and Physical Difference: Discourses of Disability, ed.
But the secret to a good 'wagon' wheel is to use three different types of wood - elm for the hubs (because its grain runs horizontally and vertically), oak for the spokes and ash for the felloes (the sections around the outside which become the actual 'wheel' before being finished off by the blacksmiths who had the means of heating up metal and bending it on anvils).
Top scorer (combined) - Tote: 6 Atherton, 13-2 Crawley, 7 Faibrother, Flintoff, 15-2 Byas, 8 White, 12 Chilton, McGrath, Vaughan, Wood, 14 Lloyd, Watkinson, 16 Harden, 20 Parker, 25 Hamilton, 33 Blakey, 40 Felloes, Hegg, 66 Austin, 100 Chapple.
The hub, spokes and felloes of one wheel were missing; the other wheel wasn't in much better shape.
Mike made new felloes and spokes and fitted them into the rebuilt hubs before he, Darrell, and a wheelwright friend, Bob Fortner, heated and shrank the original iron tires onto them.
Felloes (the wheel's outer wooden rim) were formed by bending longer pieces into a semi-circle or by cutting a series of shorter segments and connecting them.
Their grain-tight boxes were designed to keep flax and seed from spilling out of the wagons and double-riveted felloes provided even more strength to the wheels.
I've found details like those imprinted on inside box panels, side board cleats, and bottom and top of the box floor as well as inner and outer axle faces, inner wheel felloes, bolsters and brake blocks.
"This had a two-fold purpose: First, it kept the wooden felloes from coming apart and separating from the spokes, and second, the iron band (called a tire) wore much better than wood.
It is used to line the tenons on buggy spokes with the holes in felloes on buggy wheels."
The product's most unique feature, though, was its wheels, which had wooden spokes and felloes, and steel tires 1 1/2 inches thick by 5 inches wide.