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Synonyms for fellate

provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation

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Vagina Ano Boca Activo (penetrador, fututor pedicator irrumator masculino) Pasivo (penetrado, cunnilinctor cinaedus/pathico fellator masculino) Pasivo (penetrado, femina/puella pathica fellatrix femenino)
Fellatrix, por ejemplo, es el equivalente gramatical para fellator (ambos derivan de fellare, <<mamar>>).
This is especially marked among the `fairies' (as a fellator is there termed) in New York.
The irrumator was the active insertor, the fellator the receptive passive, in spite of the fact that he did all the work.
17, in which Sabidius's breath turns a hot tart into excrement; Jonson's marginal note attributes this transformation to the fact that Sabidius is a fellator.