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Synonyms for fellate

provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation

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The claim that Malcolm forced a schoolmate to fellate him comes from Bob Bebee, a childhood friend, and his younger brother, Ray.
Before the stranger is able to force Ed to fellate him, Lewis relocates his friends and kills the rapist with an arrow.
This week the grotesque porn star sat by the pool trying desperately to prove she could fellate a 10-inch carrot then snogged the face off innocent Glyn during a drunken game of spin the bottle.
This earns him the chance to fellate Billy, which in turn costs him for the privilege, and this form of sexual encounter is repeated in the course of the film, with bleak variations, always set in a toilet.
For instance, Roger witnesses a Ku Klux Klan meeting at which Klansmen do not hang or burn their captive African American man but, rather, place a noose around his neck and have him fellate them, for pay--a startling scene that makes explicit the sexual dynamics of lynching that simmer in the subtext of James Baldwin's "Going to Meet the Man" and William Faulkner's Light in August and that Robyn Wiegman has explored so provocatively in American Anatomies.
Hopkins seems to have fantasized about a moment of passionate reciprocity with the boy, no longer desiring only to be fellated--to be mouthed like the youth's instrument--but also to fellate, to consume the boy as though he were a piece of fruit, to feel him yield "tender as a pushed peach" gushing "limber liquid youth" (II.
28] Similarly, a postcard depicting lavishly coiffed aristocratic women and their dogs, or another one in which farm dogs fellate peasants exploit bestiality to attack identifiable groups of people.
The irrumator incurred no serious disesteem, while to fellate was to act out an accepted inferior role, passive concentration on another's pleasure, servicing another - all postures appropriate to women, slaves, and prostitutes of both sexes, but never to free men.
In this "demon-stray-shun," Jill drops to her knees to fellate the "white" slaveholder, as her lover, the "big black man.
1975) (adult male offered two females, ten and seven years old, money to deliver some newspapers; after they got in the car both were forced to fellate the male).
And again, when he waylays her in the yard, returning home at night from her friend Tara's house, his truckload of crying bullocks bound for the abattoir stands parked outside the gate while he pushes her down among the bushes and makes her fellate him.
49-50, for example, Laronia notes that no woman performs cunnilinctus on another, whereas countless men fellate and are penetrated by other men.
After he has had a chance to "drink deep" (swindle, perhaps fellate, though the consequences for Prince Hal--who also speaks of "drinking deep"--are remarkable) a fellow new to the city, the Second and Third Terms (who are "proud / Coldly to taste our |Michaelmas Term's~ meats"--1.
Unfortunately, even though I am one handsome dude and desirable on the part of many girls throughout my school and life, my penis declines to become erect when they want to commit the sexual act, and will only be erect if they fellate me, and if they fellate me I wish to burn them with matches or my lighter very much and most women dislike this event and are unhappy when burned and thus are chicken to fellate me and only wish to commit the sexual act.