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Le constat fait aujourd'hui par certains fellahs et agriculteurs affiche qu'une bonne partie des parcelles est paturee ou fauchee avant maturite et transformee en foin qui servira d'aliments pour le betail principalement au sud de Casablanca (de Casablanca a Agadir).
En outre, Sadek va acqu[euro]u[c]rir un autre pressoir dae1/4aoune capacit[euro]u[c] de 200 kg par heure [euro]o[beaucoup moins que] pour pouvoir prendre en charge la production de tous les fellahs [euro]o[beaucoup plus grand que].
"Now is a time that we have nothing to lose in the league, so we can only gain from giving young fellahs a feel of life at this level."
L'economie du kif et de ses derives a apporte une grande richesse economique a la region, dont les veritables beneficiaires sont les grands fellahs et commercants nommes les baznassas.
But, fellahs, don't let the cops see you in those hairdos!
In any case, these fellahs were lucky they were able to walk--or, rather, limp--away from this one.
I guess the moral of the story is that, in the modern world, there's no such thing as miniature heroesa.except maybe those little fellahs from Time Bandits.
In fact,note to the Wrexham FC board here as well,give these fellahs a call...
Here you can confuse yourself by feasting your mince pies on this here Thomas if you are a pukka Cockney and learn how those posh Essex fellahs speak their posh Estuary English.
THE fellahs go mad for stunning actress Ashley Judd and she's mad for them...
Il a fait savoir egalement que la BADR a introduit dans son portefeuille un nouveau produit au profit des fellahs. Il s'agit d'un carnet d'epargne islamique baptise le livret du Fellah.
L'enveloppe de plus de 5 milliards qui lui a ete consacree sera orientee pour indemniser en partie les petits et les moyens fellahs localises dans les zones Bour et cultivant les cereales.
You carry on charging your pounds 6.90 fellahs but I certainly won't be taking you up on it again, and I don't suppose many others, sober, will either!
So, show some snap fellahs and find her a part worthy of her stage presence.