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express congratulations


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Opposition prepares for battle Tehran aerially transports major reinforcements of Guards and Iraqi militias AL MOUSTAQBAL: Aoun from the balcony of the Palace of the People today: Great people of Lebanon Hariri turns the wheels of cabinet formation ANNAHAR: Cabinet formation has launched amid positive atmosphere, albeit prudence continues to exist Palace of the People opens its doors today for felicitators AL DIYAR: Aounist journalist says: Gebran Bassil will not give Energy portfolio to Berri in fear of compromising the Christians quota in oil and gas Taef gradually dying with Aoun, as rule returns to the President Aoun will not sign ministerial list with amending it R.
NNA - Kataeb party leadership received felicitators at the Kataeb House in Saifi on the 78th anniversary of the founding of the party, during which Party Head, former president Amine Gemayel, said that Kataeb and Lebanon's independence are "twins", calling for the election of a president.
Following the Mass, Rahi met with felicitators, among whom were outgoing Minister of Interior and Municipalities Marwan Charbel, who came to congratulate him on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.
Also among the Eid felicitators were former PM Salim el Hoss, MP Michel Aoun, head of Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea, VP of the Shiite Higher Council, Sheikh Abed el Amir Qabalan, Druze Sheikh Akl, Naiim Hassan, Bishop Elias Audi, and an array of Ministers and MPs.
The Grand Serail was the site of many felicitators and visitors who met with Mikati today.
Time Topic 09:00 Closed-door meeting for the General Guidance for Prisons at Deir Mukhallis in Ghosta 10:00 Bishop Mounir Khairallah to receive felicitators at Saint Stephan Church in Batroun 10:30 Commencement exercises for Cambridge University in Lebanon, under the auspices of British Ambassador Tom Fletcher, at the conferences hall of UNESCO Palace 12:00 Press conference for Tourism Minister Fady Abboud to launch skiing season activities, at Mazar Intercontinental hotel in Kfarzebian 16:00 Ceremony marking the 36th commemoration of President Sabri Hamade's death, at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut A.
NNA - 01/03/2011 Felicitators continued to pour to Bkirky, in a show of support and solidarity with newly elected Patriarch Bechara Rahi, among whom was former Minister Farid Haykal Khazen.
NNA - 26/03/2011 Newly inaugurated Maronite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi welcomed felicitators who visited him in Bkirky Saturday.
NNA - 18/03/2011 Felicitators continued to flock to Bkirki on Friday congratulating newly elected Patriarch Bshara Rahi.
Among the felicitators, had been head of Change and Reform Bloc, Deputy Michel Aoun on top of a wide delegation comprised of Free Patriotic Movement' s MPs and Ministers.