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Synonyms for feint

Synonyms for feint

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any distracting or deceptive maneuver (as a mock attack)

deceive by a mock action

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Anybody who can move a bit and throw a few feints, he struggles ...
MLB has the right to implement the proposal it made last offseason, which includes a 30-second clock between batters and a 20-second clock between pitches that would reset when a pitcher steps off the rubber and when he makes or feints a pickoff throw, according to details obtained by the AP.
Even Pacquiao's unconventional fighting style that entails a lot of footwork, feints and timing.
And as part of the new Brooklyn-Paris Exchange, the wily duo Company Wang Ramirez intertwines opposites in a dreamscape of feints and head spins in their Monchichi.
But Froome comfortably covered the few feints thrown his way in wet weather.
This book demonstrates how Gaddafl was soon to reap the whirlwind, as his feints toward reform actually engendered a revolutionary movement that proved all too real and powerful to be put down.
However, the validity of such a technique, which is used most famously by Cristiano Ronaldo in the modern day game, has been called into question by the growing trend for exaggerated feints in South American football.
The cheap feints such as the arrogance that is now demonstrated by him, according to Popovska, can cost him dearly.
It's not just "frauds, hoaxes, and counterfeits," according to the author in his introduction, but also "falseness, the false, artifice, ruse, simulacrum, jokes, practical jokes, spoofs, deceptions, subterfuges, feints, wiles,..." The list goes on, and it includes literary fiction, and Carpenter (French, Carleton College, Minnesota) focuses on the broad theme of fraudulence in works by Merimee, Balzac, Baudelaire, Sand, and others, placing them in the context of other cultural phenomena, such as caricature, political history, and ceremonial events.
The symmetrical skills--are those actions which when submitted to a symmetrization process record efficiency indexes (examples in handball: simple and alternative multiple dribbling, feints, special passes).
the deft touches, the clever feints. But on current form he is a luxury player.
He found that the feigning tendency goes through a daily rhythm, and feints are shorter when the weevils get hungry.