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Synonyms for feigned

Synonyms for feigned

not genuine or sincere

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not genuine

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But the allegation that Bellamy feigned injury is just one of the incidents Souness points to when trying to explain how difficult the striker was to deal with.
At his murder trial feigned madness and 'I want mummy' Badalamenti, who died aged 46 from natural causes in 2005, was dug up after an informer revealed he had been laid to rest with his pistol.
MALACHY O'ROURKE admitted he'd be disappointed if Tyrone's Tiernan McCann feigned injury to get Darren Hughes dismissed.
Findings regarding the prevalence of feigning orgasm among women have been relatively consistent, indicating at least half of women have feigned orgasm during sexual activity.
the pair of aces split the feigned indifference bikini and cape the
In a statement, EPCR said it followed "an act contrary to good sportsmanship in the 43rd minute in that he (Huget) deliberately feigned an injury in contravention of Law 10.
Thus, as assessment of feigned symptoms is substantially informed by the MMPI-2, this study aimed to assess the validity of the standard forensic procedure followed by the Spanish forensic psychologists on this instrument in discriminating between adjudicated and mock victims of IPV.
They cannot determine whether an injury is actual or feigned.
Figure 1 shows that the more nonirradiated weevils feigned death than irradiated males on the day of irradiation (d 0); however, this difference between the nonirradiated and irradiated males decreased over 2 d.
SUBSTANTIAL, conspicuous, and varied pieces of evidence demonstrate that Shakespeare designed the "To be, or not to be" speech to be perceived by experienced playgoers of his time as a feigned soliloquy.
Very often she would also go into what appeared to be epileptic fits, which doctors suspected on many occasions may have been feigned.
A leading reformist political leader says President Ahmadi-nejad's widely reported illness last week was feigned and was part of a political trick to garner sympathy.
The data show that the subjects who feigned psychological injury exhibited symptoms of psychological injury both in terms of primary disorders, the PS and PK Scales for Posttraumatic Stress Disorders as well as secondary disorders i.
Hyacinth Bucket would baulk at the suggestion that for all her feigned airs and graces, her true working class roots could soon be exposed as a result of the credit crunch.