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Synonyms for feign

Synonyms for feign

to take on or give a false appearance of

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to contrive and present as genuine

to claim or allege insincerely or falsely

Synonyms for feign

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When it was pointed out that he was seated beside former nemesis Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim during a Pakatan Harapan press conference this evening, he reacted in feigned shock to the latter's presence and playfully raised his fists at his former deputy.
According to Madam Bissiw, some of the trainees feign blindness, barrenness and disabilities of all forms, in order for the pastors to heal them at churches for a fee.
"Later, when I saw Dean Saunders, my assistant, he said the senior players had told him that Craig had told them he was going to feign injury.
As the effects went in the expected direction i.e., higher scores for feigners, the results corroborate the general ability to feign. This ability is also an effective indirect measure par excellence of psychological injury in cases of IPV, depression and social introversion (i.e., Bargai et al., 2007; Kessler et al., 1995).
Alternatively, sterile weevils can be released into the wild in the evening because lower adult Cylas formicarius feign death during the night than daytime (Miyatake 2001a).
Thus the aim of this experimental study was twofold: a) to evaluate on the MMPI-2, the standard instrument for evaluating psychological injury in a forensic context (Butcher & Miller, 1999), the person's ability to feign psychological injury sustained in a MVA; and b) to assess the efficacy of the validity scales and the configurations of the validity scales to predict the faking of psychological injury.
Yet he wondered why the grasshopper bothered to feign death when it was already in a frog's mouth.
Sizing up the situation, he knew that something was radically wrong, but opted to feign disinterest before reacting.
That way they can at least feign interest while drinking your beer.
"He walked off the training ground saying his hamstring was tight, but what he failed to reveal in his interview was that he had told other members of the squad before training that he intended to feign injury.
If you're driven to force yourself to feign some interest in the game he so adores, you could amuse yourself with the Bluff Your Way Through Euro 2004 guide.
Global cost leaders can challenge the world for business and win as often as any of their legitimate competitors, and they will earn higher profits than those competitors that feign cost leadership (i.e., those who compete on price rather than seeking true cost leadership).
Capturing Mladic will mean taking a firm line with Serbia, where politicians feign ignorance of the 15 to 20 indicted war criminals living in their territory.
A bad-news e-mail has a weightier impact than a bad-news phone call in which the caller at least can express (or feign) sympathy.
To more than 200,000 young people--indoctrinated since kindergarten in the view that everything is relative, that your truth is as good as mine--the Archbishop said: "We must refuse to feign the politically correct tolerance which imagines all religions and convictions and values are equally valid.