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Synonyms for feign

Synonyms for feign

to take on or give a false appearance of

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to contrive and present as genuine

to claim or allege insincerely or falsely

Synonyms for feign

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High scores on this subscale indicate that discomfort with a sexual partner, or a lack of pleasure from the overall sexual experience, were influential factors in an individual's decision to feign an orgasm with their partner.
Thus feigners were not only able to feign both primary and secondary psychological injury of IPV, but also the probability of registering psychological injury was greater among mock than adjudicated victims.
to determine the ability to feign psychological injury, the responses of the feigning condition were contrasted with the cutoff point (70 being the most common score) beyond which the "diagnostic impression" that the subject is deemed pathological (Hathaway & McKinley, 1999).
He should watch real men, real sportsmen in rugby (both codes) - men who never dive, cheat, feign injury or question the decisions of the man in the middle.
Paul Cook and Steve Jones, drummer and guitarist, strain to feign any interest.
Larry Feign, an American cartoonist, once had the most popular comic strip in the Crown Colony.
accismus Greek akkismos prudery, a derivative of akkizesthai to feign ignorance
JONNY Wilkinson has backed the call to make an example of simulators, after it was announced that players who feign injury may be sin-binned at the World Cup.
Excessive attention is a way to act sane, mirroring fame in the world of the feign.
For the wearing of a mask--to put it in the words of the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek--"actually makes us what we feign to be.
Murderers brought in for questioning by the police have plenty of reasons to feign innocence.
Hewalked off the training ground saying his hamstring was tight, but what he failed to reveal was that he had told other squad members that he intended to feign injury.
Craig Bellamy's Newcastle United career looks to be over after he rubbished the club and admitted he threatened to feign injury.
My argument would be that we should have 12 interchanges and if people feign injury than you use up one of your interchanges.