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with great feeling


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These are the collectors who can feelingly declare, 'Money is no object' and people believe them implicitly, because it's obvious that they're speaking from the heart, rather than from a savvy investor's perspective.
And those stories usually intersect feelingly with the life stories of the tellers.
As many others have done, Canavan feelingly laments the sequels and stories Butler anticipated creating, which will now go unwritten.
As Nikki Hessell and Stephen Clothier contend, it was, perhaps surprisingly, 'To Mary in Heaven'--universally disparaged by modern Burns critics --that seemed to speak most feelingly to diaspora Scots, forming 'part of the foundation upon which a new transcultural identity could be established'.
Tonypandy Cardiff A literary response THE great Harri Webb (1920-1994) wrote a verse, Answer from Limbo, to which many local people respond feelingly.
DONALD McCAIN has backed Brian Hughes in his appeal against a ten-day ban handed out by the Stratford stewards following a prolonged inquiry on Sunday, when the jockey found himself in hot water for failing to dismount winner Clondaw Draft quickly enough after the horse had pulled up feelingly.
counselors/That feelingly persuade me what I am" (2.
If the mannequin under all this paint and ash began its existence inviting the shallow gaze of the window-shopper, its new coating of abject matter fosters the desire to fondle--to see, as it were, feelingly.
When Lear asks the source of his insight, Gloucester replies, "I see feelingly.
Surely, this would have never ever occurred to these well-served, well-fed and enormously well-off dudes, as the overwhelmingly deprived, denied and downtrodden citizens of this nation have never ever come any compellingly and feelingly to them.
However Lady Gaga says her latest performance in not linked to bulimia in any form and it was a way to express her feelingly artistically.
I see ["how the world goes"] feelingly," says Gloucester at his moment of greatest clarity in King Lear.
It would be understandable if, as the author of a fine biography of Father Ted Kennedy, Edmund Campion were to nominate, as his own favourite contribution to this book, what he writes so feelingly about Kennedy and the Redfern pastor's associate and teacher Shirley Smith ('Mum Shirl').
The US writer has sold more than 600 million copies of her writes very feelingly and honestly about the kind of issues real women face - finding love, taking care of a family and keeping them together against the odds, pursuing a dream or a career.