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I kind of became addicted to the solitude of riding alone, the camaraderie of riding in a group, and the feeling of movement, of motion and the wind coursing through my hair on descents,'' said Shah, 41.
The geometry of the shapes is shifted a few degrees from center, giving the whole collection some tension and feeling of movement.
Encouraging physical activities such as bike riding or roller-blading enables students to experience the physical strengths of their bodies and the positive feeling of movement.
Vertigo is the term doctors use to describe a feeling of movement caused by a disturbance of the balance mechanism in the inner ear.
Three months prior to his visit, he experienced a brief rotary feeling while he was in the midst of an argument; the rotary feeling was followed by a continuous feeling of movement.
You need to create a feeling of movement through sensations coming from the motion base.
Despite the static geometric surface of Al Quasbah, the painting communicates a strong feeling of movement.
Despite their ascetic flavor and sculptural quality, his works have brilliance of color and a feeling of movement and space.
But for all the collection's ease, there is also a feeling of movement and progress.
He uses big splodges of colour and fast brush strokes which create a lively feeling of movement and activity.
After a little background on Degas, I emphasized his compositions and the feeling of movement in his dancers.
Videos, 3D product renderings, and motion-infused image treatments all add to the feeling of movement while giving customers engaging and informative tools for product configuration.
The design conveys a feeling of movement symbolizing both a rotating bearing and the planned future growth of the company.
While embodying these three qualities, the new logo also imparts a feeling of movement, history and style.