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There were no differences in feed intake, egg weight, and feed conversion ratio during the 4 weeks of the feeding trial among groups.
FAMILY MEMBER--For this method of substantiation, a prospective diet is shown to be "nutritionally similar" to a lead product that passed a feeding trial.
Conclusively, it is suggested that at least in short-term period feeding trial, the genetically modified sugarcane doesn't not have adverse effect on animals feeding them.
The feeding trial was conducted in a semi-static, flow-through system with 12 fiber tanks receiving aerated freshwater.
Other than a few scattered grains, 100% of the whole corn was consumed by ungulates during each night of the feeding trials.
The feeding trial was carried out at the piggery unit of the Teaching and Research Farm (TRF) of the University of Ado-Ekiti for a period of 63 days.
Seedlings emerged 5-7 d after planting; thus, the age of the seedlings ranged between 35 d old prior to the start of the feeding trial.
A feeding trial was performed on adult rainbow lorikeets of 2 subspecies: 6 green-naped lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus haematodus) and 6 redbreasted lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus mitchellii).
In the first feeding trial, blueberry supplementation had no effect on blood platelet activity.
The environmental group Greenpeace said all GM food crops should be withdrawn after a feeding trial for the Austrian government found GM corn damaged the fertility of laboratory mice.
The only feeding trial in human volunteers was perhaps the most informative.
A second feeding trial was conducted during 16 November 1998-30 April 1999 but all feeds were supplemented with 220 IU vitamin E/kg.
In the 3-month DASH-Sodium feeding trial, she and her colleagues have now probed the effect of salt.
At the end of the 16-wk feeding trial, abalone were subjected to various stress (air exposure, sudden salinity, and temperature changes) conditions and cumulative mortality was monitored.