feeder line

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a branching path off of a main transportation line (especially an airline)

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Under the MoU, KE would immediately commence work on laying four 11KV feeder lines of 4-4.5MW for the under-construction industrial units and would ensure supply of needed electricity before they go into full production.
While the feeder lines were down, Holden's Light Department crews were going through neighborhoods assessing damage and making a plan for restoring service.
We can state that if the junction feeder line--capacitor frame, spacing collar and the like, is in order, which is in good stage, drawn up and clean, it must not be warmer than the feeder line to which it is connected.
The Bulk Solids Pump[TM] feeder line offers three models that can be configured as volumetric or loss-in-weight feeders.
Bulk Solids Pump Feeder Line employs one or more specially designed vertical rotating spools that create feeding ducts.
According to AccuRate, both flexibility and serviceability have also been enhanced by the release of these standard models because the designs share load cells, hoppers, vents, inlets, and other parts with the company's well-known Mechatron feeder line. Tel: (800) 558-0184, www.accuratefeeders..com
K-Tron Great Britain will exhibit a number of enhancements to the company's K-Tron Soder feeder line at the PPMA Show.
Meanwhile, China Aviation Industry Corp II (AVIC II) has also indicated that it is considering building a feeder line aircraft that can seat between 30 and 50 passengers.
Brodeur called this conclusion "disingenuous, to say the least." His evidence: "'The fact that three of the 29 primary brain and central-nervous-system tumors that occurred in Guilford during those 21 years developed among a handful of people who live in four of five adjacent houses on Meadow Street that are situated near a substation and very close to a pair of high-current distribution feeder lines, together with the fact that a malignant eye tumor, involving a tract of brain tissue, occurred in a woman who had lived in a sixth dwelling, next to a third feeder line, surely suggested that there was a cancer cluster of some significance on Meadow Street."
888355-3213, www.lincolnelectric.com, request bulletin E8.101 to learn more about the LN-25 wire feeder line.
THOUSANDS of South Delhi homes faced erratic or no power supply on Tuesday after a feeder line tripped.
888355-3213, www.lincolnelectric.com, request bulletin ES.101 to learn more about the LN-25 wire feeder line.