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What is happening at the moment is that Macron's voice appears particularly resonant because of the increasing feebleness of his counterparts in other EU states.
I'M not seen as a person but just another task She's wet, he's spilt, she's sounding off, Someone's job five days a week Please do not frown at my feebleness.
On the table in Brexit negotiations are our jobs and livelihoods, and the heads of the European Union's other 27 states will have spotted May's feebleness under pressure.
Given the feebleness of the competition, it's our film of the week, if only by default.
NNA - Minister of Social Affairs, Rashid Derbas, said on Monday that it was high time Lebanese political adversaries reached compromises to keep the nation alive, especially in light of the massive disintegration "which only indicates the feebleness of our national body." "Street escalation in not fruitful and is of no benefit to anyone," Derbas told "Orient" radio station, deeming brandished and chanted slogans the maximum achievement such actions could attain.
He linked the Saudi attacks on Iran to what he called "psycho feebleness," saying the Saudi government is seeking attention by fueling regional tension and instability.
Throughout the story, I felt personally haunted by racism, sin, corruption, feebleness and the rare chance to sense the minute nuances of human life and its nothingness.
"Notably, the crisis demonstrates the surprising feebleness of Western efforts to improve governance, cut corruption and foster economic growth," writes Chris Miller, associate director of the Grand Strategy Program at Yale.
So thanks to feebleness of weak-wiled Americans We became richer and earned $17k! If you read this message you must understand that Turkey is the great cyber-power whose might you have witnessed! If Washington keeps on supporting Kurdish terrorists Turkish hackers will become richer!
When one considers, with the benefit of hindsight, the feebleness of his rivals, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, I suppose it was not all that much of a surprise.
The feebleness of the region's governments is a key problem.
Their denuded skin, one colonist concluded, demonstrated their "feebleness of constitution," which was also evident in "their aversion to 'labour' and their incapacity for 'toil.'" Others, such as the French naturalist Comte de Buffon, argued that hairlessness, equivalent to "feebleness," "precluded incorporation into 'civilized' modes of life." Such mingling of hair, race, and worthiness, along with the practice of reading the body to extrapolate personal qualities, resulted in racist judgments about hair and grooming that persist to this day.
The critics again pointed out his bowling feebleness and this time he gave Sri Lanka and his critics a real beating with a blistering knock of 46 runs off just 17 balls.
Icra senior economist Aditi Nayar said,"The contraction recorded by consumer goods serves as a reminder of the feebleness of rural demand."