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having only a limited ability to learn and understand

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It implies that Miliband is in some way deformed or inadequate, which he is not, and suggests to the many politically feeble-minded that he is unt to lead.
MOROSE A Thick, sticky liquid B Feeble-minded C Gloomy who am I?
I decided some years ago to focus on the positives and ignore things like cynicism, sarcasm, bitterness and vandalizing the minds of passing strangers based on appearances, which can be very telling if you have ever read Sherlock Holmes or know anything about feeble-minded neuroses.
Bell's mother, in fact, was a prostitute, but not feeble-minded.
He advocated exterminating feeble-minded children in gas chambers.
80) Winston Churchill wrote a warning memo to the Prime Minister in 1910: "The multiplication of the feeble-minded is a very terrible danger to the race.
He added that the government seeks to mobilize national resources to combat state corruption that has mushroomed at state institutions, indicating that crises "create a lot of feeble-minded people who contribute to spreading corruption.
But there's a fancy dress party to go to and Niamh - the wild-eyed, feeble-minded one (played by Kat Reagan) has organised all the costumes.
SIR - I have noticed with disgust the work of some feeble-minded person who seems to take a delight in chalking walls with the names of individuals and classifying them as "Army dodgers", "cowards", etc.
they can certainly give you a good nip, but only a feeble-minded person would think they like meat.
A veteran of the Greek War of Independence, a committed abolitionist, and the founder of the Perkins School for the Blind as well as the Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Children, Howe spoke out in favor of progressive services for disabled Americans.
Reform schools used intelligence tests to segregate populations, shuttling the feebleminded minority inmates off to the Sonoma State Home for the Feeble-minded for sterilization.
Poor Liz must've been horrified until she realized what her feeble-minded Dad had done.
People who the Nazis identified as "life unworthy of life" - Lebensunwertes Leben - included the criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane and the weak.