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having only a limited ability to learn and understand

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Fortunately, from what I have observed, Arab women, in general, are not so feeble-minded to be swept away by such influences.
He said: "Editors cannot edit in order to ensure they protect us from the feeble-minded. It would make the job impossible and, taken to its logical conclusions, nothing would ever get published...
No doubt this was a very male world, a sexist one and politically incorrect in a way that wouldn't stand 21st Century scrutiny, but it was not feeble-minded. There was the presumption of intellectual rigour, amidst the prodigious drinking.
In many cases, they were committed to institutions for the "feeble-minded", as their way of life was considered to be "degenerate".
Carrie Buck was a patient in the Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feeble-minded. Upon a finding that she was "...
Key issues are the place of sterilization in the child welfare system, the role of institutions in the process of securing sterilizations, and the construction of the concept of the "feeble-minded." Ladd-Taylor argues that fears of racial purity were secondary to fiscal concerns and the state's administrative structure: "When eugenic sterilization is examined from a social welfare perspective, it appears less like a deliberate plan for genetic improvement than a mundane and all-too-modern tale of fiscal politics, troubled families, and deeply felt cultural attitudes about disability, welfare dependency, sexuality, and gender" (2).
Too many times Sunday the Patricia-Cooter tandem dialled up feeble-minded plays when the down and distance and, frankly, season, called for something bold.
Danny insisted: "I still hate them with a passion, not just for what they did to me, but to others - simple, feeble-minded children.
His defenders, feeble-minded as well as feeble in their defence, argue that at least he is better than other from the Dozen, like Mubasher Lucman, say, who was caught on tape in Malik Riaz, recording a fake interview.
Only the weak and feeble-minded are so afraid of difference.
'Lunatic', 'imbecile' and 'feeble-minded' are some of the most commonly used entries reflecting an era before such terminology was deemed unacceptable.
MOROSE A Thick, sticky liquid B Feeble-minded C Gloomy who am I?
She asked if he wants to learn to play the piano too, but the boy was shooed away and dismissed as feeble-minded.
A key strategy within the eugenics paradigm of the time was the enactment of state statutes permitting the forced surgical sterilization of individuals deemed to be "feeble-minded." One victim of this legislative strategy to improve upon nature was Carrie Buck, an allegedly (but not actually) feeble-minded woman used by proponents of Virginia's statute to contrive a test case before the U.S.
Cunegonde, the feeble-minded sister of the baby's father, a German Catholic journeyman labourer, burst into the Vaals Reformed Church as her Calvinist sister-in-law's baby boy was about to be baptized.