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payment (usually by doctors or lawyers) of part of the fee in return for the referral

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One thing we do not allow is fee-splitting, and that's really important to the members; they don't want fee splitting," Schwait said.
The supreme court determined that section 22(A)(14) prohibits not only traditional fee splitting, which the court described as "a dividing of a professional fee for a specialist's medical services with the recommending physician," (14) but also the sharing of a percentage of the physician's fees for medical services performed by the physician.
v Orman (16) that section 22(A)(14) prohibited only traditional fee splitting and not the payment of a percentage of professional profits to a nonlicensed corporation in exchange for marketing and management services.
Eliminating the Medicare provision that allows fee splitting for post-operative care would lessen abuse but true reform also would require an infusion of ethics, something that can't be taught or purchased.
At a meeting in Tampa on October 17, 1997, the board made its most recent statement on the issue of fee splitting related to medical practice management.
Bar Ethics Counsel Elizabeth Tarbert told the two committees that fee splitting rules date back to 1928 ABA canons and have been part of Florida Bar rules since its inception.
com that its proposed business model violates fee splitting rules.
Money Transfer Operations - Facilitates a variety of money transfer procedures with new features such as the ability to split cash flow between entities and to net up-front fee payments from the loan drawdown - Secondary Trading Functions - Improves accuracy and efficiency in functions such as short selling support, assignment recordation fee splitting and interest settlement, among others - Global Capabilities - Expands functionality for new European and Australian lending types, with multiple enhancements to Bills of Exchange - Documentation - Enhances documentation functionality by combining local-access document tracking and storage
It also sponsored a CLE program at the convention, which included information on recent changes in state health laws, responding to state charges of patient brokering and fee splitting, ethical issues, and charity care class action lawsuits.
And lawyers should be able to use paralegals to represent clients in Social Security hearings as long as they are careful not to violate Bar rules on supervising nonlawyer employees and prohibiting fee splitting with nonlawyers, the panel determined.
Another change would specify that a fee splitting arrangement between lawyers not in the same firm would not have to be filed with the Bar unless it was rejected by the judge who reviews it.
A company that wants to provide answers to simple legal questions over the phone in conjunction with a local bar lawyer referral service could find itself violating Florida Bar rules on lawyer referral services and fee splitting, according to the Professional Ethics Committee.
The current debate about multidiciplinary practices -- now prohibited to the extent they involve fee splitting and nonlawyer partnerships -- is a good illustration of one of the significant challenges lawyers have in dealing with the dramatic changes facing the profession, said Tallahassee's Barnett.
Hume said MDPs would affect a lawyer's undivided loyalty to a client, allow prohibited fee splitting and compromise other values.
He said the MDP issue affects fee splitting, unlicensed practice of law, supervising employees, confidentiality, solicitation of business, trust funds, pro bono and many other areas of Bar rules.