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a hat made of felt with a creased crown

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A refined Domain Controller role for Fedora 24 Server by way of FreeIPA 4.
The Fedora 21 Server variant offers a common base platform for running featured application stacks (produced, tested, and distributed by the Fedora Server Working Group), providing a flexible foundation for Web servers, file servers, database servers, and even Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) deployments.
Returning to Peru in 1998, Fedora felt as though he had stepped back in time.
While Fedora, who has one year under his belt at North Carolina, won't publicly address the rumors, UNC recruit Jordan Fieulleteau said Fedora assured him that he'll be back next season at Chapel Hill.
It was a one-time aberration," said Robyn Bergeron, who leads the Fedora Project.
Adorned with his fedora hat and his original fashion style, Winston delighted spectators with his refreshing, groovy and thrilling voice.
The Fedora Scholarship recognises young talent in the pursuit of innovation.
We're not against trying out enterprise level stuff in Fedora because there are people who use Fedora in the enterprise, but that is not our primary focus.
The company said that the Fedora 14 machine images, which offer root access, can be deployed on its cloud platform rapidly through its web interface or via API calls and allows users total control over configuration and security.
The Fedora Project today announced the release of Fedora 13, the latest version of its free Linux based operating system distribution, which includes a variety of features and improvements to enhance desktop productivity, assist in software development and improve virtualisation.
The fifth updated edition of A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers an all-in-one reference packed with all the techniques needed to succeed with Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
IT SEEMS the readers of this column are a happy bunch after some light-hearted banter over the song When Johnny Fedora met Alice Blue Bonnet in the corner of a Department Store.
Just look for a few key items--anything cashmere, a skinny tie, a touch of the military, a sharp fedora, the right jeans.
Pennsylvania's legendary bowyer and one-time trick shot Mike Fedora has been a professional archery instructor for more than a half century.
NO ONE HAS EVER LOOKED as cool in a fedora as Humphrey Bogart, the brim turned down in front, dropping a shadow of mystery over his eyes.