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Synonyms for federalize

unite on a federal basis or band together as a league

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put under the control and authority of a federal government

enter into a league for a common purpose

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So if D'Amato's bill (which attempted to federalize all gun crime) had passed, it would have cost the federal government an estimated $8 billion per year_far more than the costs of prosecuting these cases at the state level.
Gruevski does not want to democratize Macedonia, he does not want to develop normal relations and he does not wish to federalize the country," explained Demiri.
Section 1076 of the Act amends the "Insurrection Act" expanding presidential authority to federalize the National Guard during certain emergencies and disasters.
Topics include the debate of why bothering to federalize the EU, the constitutional scheme of federalism, asymmetric federalism between globalization and regionalization, the addition of direct democracy, federalism and the European party system, the view from below, insights from comparative federalism via cybercrime, economic theory, lessons from experience in creating a social Europe, and the balancing act inherent in the Constitutional Treaty for Europe.
The president has the power to federalize the troops and order such a move but has so far asked states to voluntarily cooperate.
The push to federalize juvenile law is dangerous," he says.
Duterte's pronouncement on Monday that he would not accept any position in a transition government if the administration succeeded in its effort to revise the 1987 Constitution and federalize the republic.
Bush could bypass the state altogether and federalize the troops.
The Senate bill proposed to federalize the 28,000 screeners now in service, resulting in background checks, better training and better pay.
9, which adopted the constituent assembly (Con-ass) as the mode by which the 1987 Constitution would be changed in order to federalize the government.
Over the last decade, Congress has contributed significantly to the rising caseload by continuing to federalize crimes already covered by state laws.
1447 would federalize the security screening process at airports (a contentious issue), add federal sky marshals, call for more crew training, and require additional security procedures such as securing cockpit doors.
There is apparently no need for Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to threaten local officials into supporting the administration's push to revise the 1987 Constitution and federalize the government.
In the three-page expose, DeMint cites a 21-page secret Obama administration document reportedly bearing the designation "Internal Draft-NOT FOR RELEASE" wherein the President sets forth his plan to federalize more than 10 million acres of land in the western United States by placing them under the "protection" of the Department of the Interior.
It has become a debate over the political hypocrisy of conservatives who abandoned their respect for states' rights to federalize the issue in an emergency session.