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the state of being under federal control

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the act of being put under federal control

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Macedonia is definitely headed in the direction of federalization, confederalization, and breakup.
All this has influenced the repeated requests of the Albanian factor for federalization of the country.
He said that there might be some amendments to Constitution, but he stressed that they are absolutely not advocating federalization of state.
Earlier, Bush said he would veto expansion of the State Children's Health Program, calling such legislation "irresponsible" and "a step toward federalization of health care.
In 1998, the American Bar Association's Task Force on Federalization of Criminal Law decried the ongoing trend of usurpation of state authority by the federal government in the area of criminal law.
But they should do so bearing in mind the unintended consequences of empowering runaway prosecutors at the expense of compelled witnesses, of emphasizing the First Amendment at the expense of the Fifth, and of encouraging the federalization of crime at the expense of individual liberty.
It also covers the federalization of the law and judicial objections to the use of adhesionary arbitration agreements in the consumer context.
As the number of soldiers on active duty increases and federalization of National Guard and activation of Reserve Component soldiers continues, the need now exceeds our capacity.
The federalization of passenger screeners at Los Angeles International Airport was completed Tuesday with the phasing in of 1,600 federal security employees, Mayor Jim Hahn announced.
He shows that the air had been getting cleaner prior to federalization because states and localities had taken steps to clean it up.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced last week plans to deploy site assessment teams to 23 airports by June 23, and an additional 90 airports by the first week in July as part of the federalization process for security at the nation's 429 commercial airports.
The author argues that the articulation of regional-linguistic identities and the formation and strengthening of regional and state-based parties are the major forces in the country's political process, leading to coalition politics and federalization.
In fact, it concluded that "increased federalization is rarely, if ever, likely to have any appreciable effect on the categories of violent crime that most concern Americans because, in practice, Federal law enforcement can only reach a small percent of such activity.
Meese, who served as attorney general under Ronald Reagan, points to the hypocrisy of conservatives who push for such federalization while trumpeting the virtues of a smaller federal government.
Throughout my more than 25 years in this profession, first as a deputy sheriff, then as a local sheriff and now as your executive director, I have viewed with some concern the increasing federalization of the criminal justice process.