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a member of a former political party in the United States that favored a strong centralized federal government

an advocate of federalism

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prospect was not part of the perceived message of The Federalist.
The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies was founded in the early 1980s by politically conservative law students who considered mainstream legal thought in America too liberal.
The system was overturned by the Gaddafi regime and federalists claim the east, which was the cradle of the revolution on February 17 last year that overthrew the former dictator, was neglected under his rule.
Despite this focus on the contest in the House of Representatives between the two Republican candidates, which is reflected in the book's subtitle, Sharp advances a thesis that the election was uniquely bitter and divisive because each of the two major parries--the Federalists and the Republicans--"was organized around the belief that it, and it alone, was the interpreter and translator of the wishes of the fictive sovereign people" (p.
But the Federalists were planning Fourth of July celebrations based on Federalist principles.
She illustrates the logic of the Federalist opposition to the War of 1812, redeeming it as a bona ride peace movement concerned about wartime violence and its effects on those who fight wars.
The authors portray the supremely opinionated and ambitious Adams as the Captain of the Titanic, bitterly trying to save what he can of the Federalist party's twelve-year monopoly on federal power while doling out patronage appointments to political loyalists.
Under a long line of Liberal and Conservative governments, the federalist participation in the fabric of Canadian life has steadily dwindled.
His sustained emphasis of how his experience connects with core federalist principles will particularly attract Republicans and Independents who deeply value federalism and who no longer support continuing the devastating war in Iraq as does Senator McCain.
Nor did Madison's own Federalist party deem it urgent because they agreed with him that the federal government had no power to interfere with freedom of speech, religion, etc.
By narrating Jay's life, he has restored to public dialogue a figure of real importance in his day and an exemplar of Federalist wrestling with the complexities of the new American experiment.
On that night, as Hamilton prepared for a morning duel with Aaron Burr, he made a list of which of the 85 essays in the Federalist Papers he'd written and which ones had been penned by James Madison or John Jay.
Our Constitution's framers designed a carefully limited federal government, in which, as James Madison's Federalist 45 emphasized, ``The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government are few and defined.
The general argument is that Althusius' federalist principle is the principle of subsidiarity, whichstates that no higher authority can legitimately claim responsibility for something that a lower authority could do.